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    Suggest Full HD LED TV around 30k

    Need a Full HD TV around 30k budget. Smartness is optional. Screen size : 32 or 40 inch Any Model in mind: 1. Vu 102cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV (H40K311, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB) 2. LG 80cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV (32LH604T, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB) 3. SAMSUNG 80cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV...
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    vfm 5.1 speaker for pc

    i am using creative sbs 370 2.1 more than five years. It is good enough for my room. But now i like to buy a 5.1 speaker. uses: Music > Movies > Games room size: small pc configaration: look spoiler please budget: 7k i do not understand about RMS, watt number etc yet, if necessary i can study...
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    Suggest Bluetooth Headphone under 2k

    Please suggest Bluetooth Headphone under 2k. I am thinking of Nokia BH-111 In-the-ear Headset - Nokia: Flipkart.com
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    Need CTIA Headset and Bluetooth Receiver

    I need a ctia compatible headset for my xperia sola. I also like to use it with my pc and Nokia 2700c via Bluetooth. So i need two things:- 1. CTIA headset with good base and call,play etc. capabilities 2. CTIA Bluetooth receiver :confused: My budget is flexible. Thanks for your help...
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    Xperia TX - Pros and Cons...

    There is much rumor on going about upcoming Xperia TX. Few benchmarks show it beats sgs3 and HTC one x. I also found that it is full of bloat ware which cannot be removed leaving only 2 GB usable for apps and game out of 16 GB? –someone please clarify these facts. What should be the correct...
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    Suggest tablet ~10k

    Competition is growing rapidly for low end tablets. Every week new tablets are being released which are lower in cost but better in performance. I actually wish to have a windows tablet with intel processor. Surface has already been released . It might took 6 months or more to come into hands...
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