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    AMD Athlon 64 and Intel

    No, this is not another of those AMD vs Intel threads, so don't start complaining to a mod already. As you see the best processor for a decent system at a decent cost now is AMD Athlon's 64 3200+, which comes @ 2.2 GHZ. While, Intel's neat and decent comes with Hyperthreading at 3.2 Ghz or so...
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    Auto Mp3-Tagging

    I have this huge ton of Mp3's on my system and the fact is that I have no idea what the heck 1/4th of them are. Morover, I am a Organization Freak and would like each song to be Tagged neatly and automatically by any software. My Question is, is there any extension for Winamp which lets you...
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    Linux Paid Distros

    Hey, Could someone give me a quick list of the top Linux Paid Distros, I'm doing an article on them. A Link to their official sites would be cool as well! Thanks ~ Retro
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    Search Engine Optimization ~ Master Tutorial

    Search Engine Optimization -- Master Tutorial I have seen a lot of good tutorials about search engines and how to optimize your site to suit them, but very quite few of them are extensive, meaning they don't cover all the points needed, plus they are not 100% perfectly newbie-friendly...
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    AMD To Help India Develop Chip Ind

    India may finally enter the chip market with a little help from Advanced Micro Devices. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD has signed a memorandum of understanding to allow SemIndia to license, process, manufacture and test AMD technologies for a fabrication facility it intends to build. Although...
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    Suspected Invisible Spyware/Trojan/Malware/Someware

    I was browsing too much of the net of the net yesterday and clicked some ads which I suspect installed spyware in my system. Whenever I switch on my Computer, Task Manager Shows 2 Exe Files "dcfcbg0d.exe" and another "hkbhlk32.exe". I immediately switched off my modem and enabled Zone Alarm. The...
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    New Horizontal Mouse?

    I had some problems with my old Logitech Mouse and in a hurry bought an ordinary Intext 2D Mouse - Model IT06W, which is just plug and play. However, when I plugged it, the mouse is moving only horizontally and not vertically at all?? Should I re-install the drivers or something, should I get...
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    Mouse Problem

    I have this very normal Logitech Mouse with 3 buttons (Not Wireless). From yesterday, the mouse has been acting up weirdly and I have not been able to control it at all. It's going wildly all over the screen and I have been operating my computer using the tab and enter keys. I tried cleaning it...
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    Famous Music DL Website - Spreading Viruses?

    I don't usually download music but this time impatience and that natural gut feeling of Indians that encourages us to break the rules, got the better of me and I went to a website called "Mp3Shits" and downloaded some nice songs. But when I was discussing this with some of my pals, 2 of them...
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    [Debate]:: The Browser Wars

    Before I post anything, Please read 1) Forum Rules 2) The Thread on Browser Fan-Boyism Secondly, this thread is NOT a place for browser fanboyism. It is just a topic where [Sane]Internet Users and Net Addicts [Not Browser Addicts] can have a healthy debate on which browser[s] they like and...
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    A new [Hot] Browser in Town - Move over FF

    Seriously, I was a huge fan of Firefox until yesterday my friend introduced me to Dr.Orca, a brand new browser made by the developers of Avant Browser. It seriously seemed to rock me over and over again with it's awesomeness. It is made using the Same Gecko Engine that Firefox users and has a...
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    Email & Software

    I would like to know how good I Mozilla Thunderbird. Is it as good as the hype suggests? Does it offer much more than the regular Outlook Express/Outlook, etc and does it have more features for Spam Blockage? One more thing, is it possible to view Emails of my Gmail ID using any Mail client...
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    [Request] Website on Hardware

    Guys, I am somewhat an intermediate at Computer Hardware and other parts. I would like to learn more about it and am searching for a good site, which can teach me much more. For example: A site which tells me about what is DDR Ram and SDD Ram, one which teaches me how does a motherboard works...
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    Google Adsense

    I have a really nice website that has been open for 6 months now and we recieve a good number of hits. I would like to incorporate Google Adsense in my website to earn some money. But I am not 18 yet, so will I be able to register it in parent's name and will there be no problems due to that...
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    [Discussion]Favorite Software

    This is the best topic thread to discuss about your most commonly used software in day-to-day life and how are they your favorites and also rate them. My Favorite Software/Tools/Utilities :: ::Mozilla Firefox:: Mozilla Firefox is THE most valuable tool in my computer today and will...
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