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  1. devianthulk

    Best DVD Writer

    Plz suggest a DVD writer supporting all popular formats (DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD-ROM). Preferably under 15k.
  2. devianthulk

    Suggest a config

    Plz suggest a configuration for the following hardware : - I will be assembling this pc myself and will b using it on the lan. 1 > AMD Processor(only) and supporting motherboard. (i) Processor -- [ Pentium equivalent (1Ghz to 2Ghz range) ] (ii) Motherboard --- 2 USB...
  3. devianthulk

    September DVD --- Software Request

    I would like to get the following softwares with the September 04 issue of DIGIT : - Virtual Machines / Emulators : - 1 > Microsoft Virtual Pc 2004 2 > Vmware Workstation 4.5.2 Miscellaneous:- 3 > Ad-Aware Se Personal 4 > WinDVD6 Platinum 5 > Adobe Encore DVD I hope the...
  4. devianthulk

    Doubt Clarification

    1 > Can i install Norton Antivirus 2003 with AVG 7.0 Professional on Windows Xp?? 2 > Also does Shareaza P2P software (distributed under GNU licence) come with any syware or adware?? Plz help.
  5. devianthulk


    I would like to Download SofICE (for Windows) debugging Utility.. Can anyone give me the link?? I would also like to get my hands on some SoftIce tutorials. Please help.
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