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  1. pradeepbp

    Connecting pocket pc to ubuntu

    I own a pocket PC booting windows mobile 6 (HTC P3400i, that's the exact model). Now, is there any way I can do the following: 1. Connect the device to my ubuntu laptop via USB for file transfers and internet surfing (the device will act as a modem with internet sharing enabled). 2. Same as...
  2. pradeepbp

    Java SDK installation

    I want to install Java SDK on ubuntu hardy. I downloaded the bin file from sun's site and extracted the same by running it. Now how would I make ubuntu to choose this as my default Java SDK?
  3. pradeepbp

    Trouble connecting to secured router

    I secured my wireless router using WPA (using winXP, which is the alternate boot). Subsequently, I could connect to wireless broadband internet connection without any problem. But I am facing connection problems with wireless internet in Ubuntu. I am unable to connect even to the wireless...
  4. pradeepbp

    Banshee not working

    I installed banshee 1.2 but the application does not start from the menu . it shows 'Starting banshee.....' once I click on the link in the menu, but never actually starts. Older version (0.3) of banshee works fine on my machine. Any suggestions
  5. pradeepbp

    Ubuntu shutdown issues

    I use Ubuntu Hardy. I am experiencing shutdown problems like taking long time, pc hanging while shutdown etc., recently. I see lot of messages on screen during shutdown, while this was not the case earlier. Earlier I used see only the orange ubuntu progress bar and the shutdown was quick...
  6. pradeepbp

    Dell Vostro 1310 Slot loading Issues

    Hi Folks ! I have two things to discuss/know about my new Dell Vostro 1310 Notebook. 1. It comes with slot-loading optical drive. Is there any keystroke combination by which i can eject my CDs/DVDs out of it. Any options other than "Right clicking on the drive icon and Eject" will be...
  7. pradeepbp

    Wireless DSL connection

    How can I connect to my BSNL broadband using wireless? My router is wireless capable and I have a wireless adapter fixed to PC. I use latest ubuntu version and it has already detected the wireless network. But I am unable to connect to net. I was earlier using this internet connection with...
  8. pradeepbp

    Wireless Adapter

    I am having a wireless router for dsl broadband connection. Since my PC does not have wireless capabilities, presently I am using cables to connect with it. Now, Can I use a wireless adapter with PC so that I can connect to the router without cables? If yes, what features should I check before...
  9. pradeepbp

    Low sound in ubuntu

    After installing ubuntu I find that the playback sound is too low compared to that in Fedora 7 (which I used earlier) and Windows XP (which is the alternate boot in my machine). Any suggestions ?
  10. pradeepbp

    Maximum Hard Disk capacity

    My motherboard specs are as below: Motherboard description * Motherboard manufacturer's name: ASUS PTGD1-LA * HP/Compaq name: Goldfish-GL8E CPU/Processor * Socket: LGA775 * Supports processor up to 3.8 GHz * Supports Intel Pentium 4 HT processors Front-side...
  11. pradeepbp

    DSL connection problem in Ubuntu

    Recently I installed the latest version of Ubuntu. I used pppoeconf to configure BSNL's DSL broadband connection. Things were working fine till yesterday. Then suddenly the net connection started getting disconnected automatically every 5 minutes or so. After getting disconnected, automatic...
  12. pradeepbp

    Problem with screen resolution

    I recently purchased an LCD monitor - Samsung SyncMaster 732NW. I can get a resolution of 1440x900 in WinXP (my machine dual boots), but the maximum resolution I can get in FC 7 is 1280x1024 and display is distorted. But things are better in WinXP with resolution of 1440x900. How can i achieve a...
  13. pradeepbp

    Upgrade to Fedora 8

    I am presently using FC 7 distro. If I upgrade my distro to FC 8, should I reinstall all the media drivers and plugins that I have managed to install with great difficulty ?
  14. pradeepbp

    RealPlayer sound problem

    I installed RealPlayer 10, only to find that the videos (*.rm, *.rmvb etc. but no mp3) are running fine but without sound. Is anything missing here?
  15. pradeepbp

    Additional Hard drives

    1. If I add additional hard drives to my computer, how would i make the FC 7 to identify it? 2. I believe that the application installation happens in the boot partition in linux. Is there any way by which I can increase this boot partition without reinstalling the entire distro, provided I...
  16. pradeepbp

    Pidgin icon in notification area

    Foe me, Pidgin always got minimised to the notification area in the panel. But recently it does not happen. On clicking the close button, it simply vanishes. I am unable to find out the reason, Some body help me please.
  17. pradeepbp

    Fedora Customization

    How can I add shortcut of any application to the panel on my desktop ? The default list of applications that can be added is very limited.
  18. pradeepbp

    Can't play anything in Totem

    Even after three weeks of intense troubleshooting with the help of googling the net and in particular this forum, I am still unable to play any media in totem. Somewhere I read about installing totem-xine too. Did it (even though it removed rhythmbox while installation), but no positive...
  19. pradeepbp

    Shortcut creation in linux - FC7

    How can I place an application shortcut in the application menu of Fedora 7. I know how to create and place a shortcut on the desktop, but have got no clue as to how this can be in done the application menu. Windows has a directory structure supporting the Start menu and its contents. How...
  20. pradeepbp

    Package Manager - Does it require internet always?

    I use FC7 and not a very experienced user also. When I click on 'Add/Remove Software' (pirut?) it compains about not finding any network. I have found that this is not the case if I am connected to internet. Does pirut require a working internet connection always? Even to tell me which...
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