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    DOS Archives

    How do i record all the commands i type in the DOS windows and the results that appear ?
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    Internet at Home

    I have windows 2003 server at home and also it is connected to the home network I wanted to have a website running in the 2003 server comp so that whenever someone types www.sauron.net he is directed to he files that I have made as the web pages. This all is supposed to happen without...
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    Access Trouble

    I have a network at home and it is controlled by my brother. He usually has some of the folders (where he stores the files he wrotes 2 the CDs) password protected. I frequently need 2 checkout the installers that he stores there so that I can install them on my machine. But i cannot access...
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    Course Comparison

    I have recently passed my class XII (CBSE) exams, qualified in AIEEE and COMEDK exams in Karnatala.... I wanted to know about the sites that can help me choose between various career options (I am interested in programming and computers) like B.E Computer Science, B.E IT, B.Tech IT and...
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