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  1. orc

    Is the W960i really slow?

    Hi guys, I am planning to get the w960i from US. Going through several review sites I found there is a sort of mixed response on it's performance and responsiveness. And I could not find a review on it in here either, Have you owned a W960i? If so please let me know if it is really slow and if...
  2. orc

    Post what you fried

    Hi Guys, I am sure many of us have killed various PC components by overclocking, dropping, kicking, spilling, sitting on it, or by any other innovative ways. Let's have this thread dedicated for this. For the start, I have fried: A Sapphire 1950Pro - By trying to mess with it's heatsinks Two...
  3. orc

    How much do you travel to your workplaces

    Travelling over 60 kms to my office that totals 5 hours daily makes me wonder how much you people travel to your workplaces. Maybe we can have a poll on this? I live in bangalore and work as a software engineer for my livelyhood, if that interests you.
  4. orc

    Help! Recurring bad sectors in both my HDD

    Help me guys, I have 2 160GB Seagate SATA disks of one which is SATA II. Its been an year since I bought them. I have never been able to use both the disks at the same time. Reason being the disk develops bad sectors within months. Then I backup to the other disk and after the replacement...
  5. orc

    Asus P5B Delux or others(P5K3/P5K)?

    Hi all, I have this configuration now: Intel 915 GAV mobo 2.6 GHz P4 HT ATI 1950 Pro gfx card 768 Mb RAM 320 GB SATA hdd(2 x 160GB) I want to upgrade to an Asus mobo since I need overclocking capability. I am thinking about the P5B Delux. Based on your experience do you recommend the P5B Delux...
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