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    Need Suggestions for Mobo+GPU

    Hi there, I need suggestions on Mobo+GPU. I have AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000. Would that processor be enough or should I get a better one? I dont really do lot of gaming but I would like that option to be there. The most I play now is a little CS and CS:S once in a while. I do lot of multi...
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    New Acer 4520 For Sale - Trivandrum - Warranty!

    Selling New Acer 4520 For Sale at Trivandrum ( Less than 1 Week old ) Bought from Acer-Mall, Tvm. 1 Year International Travelers Warranty Laptop only used/opened twice! Plastic covers still attached! Specs AMD Athlon 64x2 TK-57 1.9Ghz 1 GB DDR2 NVIDIA Geforce 7000M 160GB HDD...
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    Who ships to India?

    Hi there, Can you guys suggest any reliable International online webstores ( for computer peripherals ) that ships to India? I have been searching.. maybe I'm really bad at searching cause I cant find one. I figured many here would have purchased stuff online that wasnt available here in...
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    Where can I do this??

    Hi there, I'm looking for an AGP card as my mobo MSI K8MM-V only has an AGP slot. I really dont do anything graphic intense with this system...The only game I play on this is once in a while a little CS 1.6. The reason for purchasing is that I want CS 1.6 to look a little more eye pleasing...
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