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    ADSL2+ modem wireless router

    Send me your location. I have a modem. We could negotiate.
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    Amazon Kindle Wi Fi

    Want to buy new/used Amazon Kindle Wifi Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology: Kindle Store Kolkata/Bangalore/Chennai sellers only. Thank you.
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    Corsair HX620 and High RPM 80mm FANs

    I will buy both the fans. I am in Kolkata.
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    canon DSLR (body only)

    What is your price?
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    17 inches Samsung CRT Monitor as good as New.

    So What? I sold my 29" TV for Rs.500. I had to almost pay for carting it away. I gave my 14" monitor FREE.
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    17 inches Samsung CRT Monitor as good as New.

    It is still available in some of the shops who have stock.
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    17 inches Samsung CRT Monitor as good as New.

    New 17" CRT Monitor is priced around Rs. 5000.
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    17 inches Samsung CRT Monitor as good as New.

    Samsung 17" CRT Monitor bought in January 2009. The monitor stopped working in April 2010. The company has replaced the entire circuit board. Since the replacement took a long time, I bought a LCD monitor. All the parts except the tube are new. For sale in Kolkata only. Purchaser can...
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    Stereo Cassette Player

    May be I was far too ambitious. How about Walkman Cassette Player or its numerous clones? Good working ones.
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    Stereo Cassette Player

    Wanted a good stereo Cassette Deck (Player) (without speakers) for hooking up with speaker systems. Please give details and quote price.
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    E7300 For Sale

    Where are you? I am interested. Quote a final price.
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    Creative Audigy 5.1 Sound Card

    Can you tell me the model number? I am interested. Is it a low profile card? Low profile cards have problems fitting in standard mid-tower cases. I have Zebrionics Bijlee.
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    Various Components

    Interested. Sent P.M.
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    19inch black CRT for 2500 with warranty - mumbai

    Can you ship it to Kolkata?
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    Samsung CRT 19" Monitor

    None of the authorized dealers have even heard of this. There is a chance only in he grey market. That is why I posted here.
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    Samsung CRT 19" Monitor

    If you check up, you would find that CRT is still preferred over LCD for graphics work. The high end LCD may be good. But they are expensive. Give me Trinitron any time. Alas. They are no longer produced.
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    Samsung CRT 19" Monitor

    Their web site talks only about 17" Monitor. But they are marketing a 19" monitor in U.S. http://www.superwarehouse.com/Samsung_SyncMaster_997MB_19_CRT_Monitor/997MB/p/623411
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    Samsung CRT 19" Monitor

    Is the Samsung CRT 19" Monitor available in India? If so Cost? This is available in U.S. I have a Samsung 17" CRT monitor. Would like to upgrade. I am located in Kolkata. Want only a CRT monitor as I do a lot of Graphics work.
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