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  1. medicofarhan

    how to convert text books into soft copy?

    I have few books which i want to convert into soft copy such that i able to copy text frm it and use it in my thesis(word format file). If i scan the book it gets saved in image format and as far as i know i cant copy the text frm it. only option left for me is to type watever matter i want...
  2. medicofarhan

    How to make pc to phone calls?

    Guys,any one is aware of any websites, frm where i can make pc to phone calls for free, mainly to USA,previously i use this website called earthcaller but now it isnt working.
  3. medicofarhan

    FS: sony digicam T20

    Wanna sell my more than a year old sony t20 8.1MP digicam which i bought for some 13000 odd rupees........ the kit include digicam pouch connecting cable charger 1gb memory card cd and manual i dont hav either the bill or the original box which i misplaced while shifting my house...
  4. medicofarhan

    Best Camera phone 12-15k

    I m using nokia 6233 since 10 months and also hav a sony t20 8.1 MP digicam,and i often find it cumbersome carrying the digicam wth me and make sure it is fully charged so now i m planning to dispose both the devices and looking for a mobile phone wth a decent cam. As for my usuage I ll be...
  5. medicofarhan

    Which one of these shld I buy?

    I hav been doin lot of research of late 2 decide which cell to buy i had w580i, nokia e51, w890i in my mind. w580i i m not too keen after reading abt durability issues of the keypad b'cos reliability and durability is one of the top priority for me. so between e51 and w890i i dunno which one...
  6. medicofarhan

    Anyone from HYD plz help

    Firstly which is the best and cheapest shop in hyderabad to get my PC repaired. It keeps hanging up, i got it repaired twice but to no avail. Ended up wasting my money. Secondly which is the best shop to buy hardware in HYD. I would be happy to get as many sugeestions from u as possible.
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