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    Any review on Soundmagic ES19S vs Piston 3 vs Cx 180 II Street ....

    Any review on Soundmagic ES19S vs Piston 3 vs Cx 180 II Street vs Kz ATE vs Ed9 ....?

    Best In Earphones with mic under 1000 INR

    Hi guys,I am in search of earphones for pc and my lumia 525 (Gaming when on pc and Music while on phone)........I have searched on internet I have found some products like 1. SoundMagic ES19 2. SoundMagic ES18 3. Senieser cx 180 Please suggest best one for me ?also suggest other best...

    Graphics card under 10000 INR

    my budget is 10k..... Have local smps Processor : (2nd Gen) i3 540(3.0ghz)(PLZ DONT SUGGEST TO UPGRADE cpu) wanna play games at low-mid settings at 1600x900

    Is selected GC need two 6 pin ?

    Recently i have decided to take new system as cpu:i5 4440 Mobo:Asus b85 GPU:Saphire r9 270x dual x PSU: Seasonic s2 520 but i have seen somewhere that 270x need two 6-pin where PSU which i have selected have only 1 6 pin .....is that true??if yes then suggest psu ......also suggest all...

    Gaming System Under 50K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:FIFA 15(n Upcomings),NFS (all latest),BF4,HD Movies 2. What...

    GTX 650 ti boost Warranty Extension

    last day i got brand new GTX 650 ti boost 2gb with sesonic s12 520.Can anybody tell me the procedure for exteded warranty.I have registered a wrong selection first.I should have selected 'GTX 650 ti boost' were i have selected '880g'.After some time i came to know ma mistake.So I again...

    Want to buy headset(earphone+mic) for samsung champ

    hi guys,i want to buy a headset for DAILY HARD USE .....My budget is upto 700+-........plz sugest me 1.....thanx 4 replies in advance...! .....

    Need PSU for GTX 650ti boost

    My specs are Amd Phenom II X6 1090T BE (125w) M4a88-M 4gb Corsair Value Ram 1333MHz Local PSU 550(:() I am buying GTX 650Ti Boost Gcard as i am on tight budget can i get Corsair cx500v2(80+) ? because i have strong feeling that my system using too much power(approx 350 ...let me know if i...


    I want to buy cx500v2 + GTX650ti boost 2gb + CM Hyper 212x................How much will it cost..if ill buy locally from cities like PUNE & MUMBAI?
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