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    60D or 70D Buying advice

    I plan on purchasing a new DSLR (my first one) and i'm quite confused between the 60D and the 70D. 60D costs 45K whereas 70D costs 80K . Now my question is... how much of an upgrade is the 70D over the 60D ? Is it worth spending 35K more? what are the major differences? i don't mind spending...
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    WHich laptop to buy for Gaming?

    NP550P5C-S02IN NP550P5C-S02IN - OVERVIEW | SAMSUNG India or dell inspiron 17r turbo The Dell Online Store: Build Your System i realize that the samsung packs a i7 with a Gt 650M gdd3 @900p while the dell packs a i5 with gt 650M GDDR5 @ 900p i have a budget of upto 75K and i'm not...
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