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    bsnl sim getting off automatically

    I am facing a strange problem in my Samsung S7 (2017),dual sim mobile. I use Reliance jio and bsnl sims. however,my bsnl gets into off mode automatically,in the sim manager. I can switch on it. but it gets to off mode,periodically or randomly. can anyone guide me the reasons if any? is...
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    free software for reducing the size of pdf/jpeg files

    can anyone guide me,which software available for free usage for windows 10? I need it for reducing the size of pdf documents and jpeg .
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    I have three desktop connected in a homegroup. I want to buy a antivirus. do I have to install antivirus in all the systems or only one would do?
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    Driver issue for Umax 5800 scanner

    what is the solution for driver issues like,no drivers available for windows 10. I am not getting the windows 10 driver for the above scanner.
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    browser hijacking issues

    Some search engines,creating problems for my searches. when I type anything in google.co.in through chrome browser,it is automatically redirected to some other sites. I use genuine windows 10,with licensed mcafee antivirus. Had reset chrome.done complete virus scan. no use. can anyone help
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    Laptop below 30000, with OS loaded andwithout optical drives

    can anyone suggest, Laptop under 30K,having preloaded windows and no optical drives,preferrably with 3 years warranty
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    usb sound cards

    there is a no audio problem with my toshibha satellite C50_A,laptop,audio is there when plugging in head phone. will a usb sound card can substitute an internal audio card/sound problems? if so what type of usb audio cards to be used?
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    windows 7 ultimate issue or hardware problem

    My toshiba satellite c50 model laptop freezes/hangs for the past one month.when press ctrl,alt,delete once,the freeze/hang issue solved temporarily. I had formatted the c drive and reinstalled windows 7 ultimate.still same problem,even before installing drivers. installed licensed version...
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    is it a hardware issue -Capital N not working

    in my toshiba laptop keyboard,I am not able to type capital "N" normally,except by pressing capslock,i.e only when caps lock is on.I have no problem with other letters. windows 7 is the os. the laptop is only less than one year old.
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    android update

    I have downloaded the firmware update for my samsung s2 sgh 1727 and stored in my laptop. now what are the available options for upgrading the firmware using this downloaded file?if it is possible how to do it?
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    indian languages in android

    I am not able to open any indian language messages of whatspp in my samsung S2 SGH-1727bought from USA. I had downloaded the fonts from playstore and installed. installed opera mini.however could not open "config" option,so as to change necessary setting(this was a suggestion on googling)...
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    screen freezes after bootup

    oflate,I am experiencing a strange problem. after bootup,my toshiba laptop(3 months old) screen just freezes. but on touching any key,everything moves to normal. I use window 7. I use touch freeze. I could not locate the reason,eventhough,it is not a major issue.
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    finding firmware version of rooted samsung S2 GT 19100

    how to find the firmware version of a rooted samsung s2 GT 19100? actually,I want to unroot the phone.
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    windows licence export/import to a new machine/laptop

    dear all, I was using an hp laptop with duly licensed windows 7. however,the note book crashed due to many problems including the hard disk failure. I have now bought a new toshiba laptop with no OS licensed. how do I recover my licensed os from my hp laptop,which cannot be used...
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    HP GN2 laptop un able to switch on

    dear all, today morning,when tried to switch on my lap top,the latop is not getting switched on. only caps stock led light and wlan orange light is there inpite of many attempts. smalls steps like pressing the start switch for 30 secs after removing the battery and ac cords etc has not...
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    automatic change of sim settings

    dear friends,' I am experiencing a strange problem with my Nokia 501 dual sim mobile. I am using only single bsnl sim card in the mobile. many time I had noticed mobile connectivity or gprs problem. the problems were solved by 1)checking the sim settings in the mobile.ie.many a...
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    laptop keyboard problem

    I have a strange keyboard problem with my HP g42 LAPTOP. certain keys like i,k etc not working occasionally. is it a hardware problem needing new key board.? a usb key board is working fine as it is not a software issue. any help/guidance would be highly appreciated.
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    internet explorer 7/8/9 not supported on this operating system

    I use genuine windows 7. however,sometime back,I had deleted the internet explorer 7. Now I am not able to install,none of the IE versions. during the installation process,the above message appears. what is the solution if any?a google search has not helped much.
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    @function of numeral 2 of key board not working

    can some one suggest the remedy for the above. whenever I type @,while pressing capslock or shift key only "2" is being typed always. is it a hardware problem?
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    chat window in opera mini 6.5/nokia x2 01

    I am experiencing a strange problem regarding chat window in my opera mini mobile browser in nokia x2 01. recently,chat window is not appearing while browsing some site like mysystem.in(I used to get the chat window for the site till few days back,the site owner had not made any changes too)...
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