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    Recover data using Bootable EASEUS CD!

    Not exactly a tutorial but it may help many. Download EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 4.3.6 Full Version Giveaway from this link http://www.easeus.com/giveaways/drw/ (still active) and follow instructions to create bootable data recovery cd from this link...
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    monitor goes blank while gaming!!!

    I have a problem while playing certain games. when i reach certain areas of certain games my monitor goes blank but the game seems to be still running. I can hear gunshots or dialogues but the monitor seems like turned off but the led of monitor blinks continuously. Then i have no other...
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    unable to empty Recycle Bin!!!

    I an unable to empty my recycle bin. although i right click and click on Empty recycle bin ,it doesn't get emptied. also used ccleaner but same problem. what may be the solution guys??? Also every time i start pc ,a desktop.ini opens up. how to get rid of this?
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    need a PMP!!!

    Guys plz recommend the best PMP I can get for 5.5 to 6k. I'll be buying tomorrow. need excellent sound quality and long battery life with voice recording and gud fm reception and available easily and expandability if available. i looked at some models like Creative zen 4gb, Cowon iAudio U5 4gb...
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    unlocker problem!!!!

    hi guys! My usb drive locks often these days and whenever i try to unlock(by right clicking) with unlocker(installed on my pc) it gives error message. "Error Debug Privileges" followed by a link to unlocker website. How do i solve this? Reinstalling did not solve. Also will it harm my usb drive...
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    any USB write protect software?

    Hey guys do any one of you know of any software we can use to write portect our USB drives? So that wherever we take and plug our USB,nothing can be copied, moved to and from the USB drive before we change the setting. Coz i am fed up of cleaning this Autorun.inf and other VBS scripts or viruses...
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    metadata editor?

    Guys I need a photo metadata editor, esp for jpgs. i.e when u highlight a photo u can see the date the pic was taken, the camera model etc. And i need to edit that. Can u suggest a good or popular software for the same?
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    taking screenshots???

    How do I take screenshots while I am installing windows or of any BSOD i may encounter? Is it possible?
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    rescue cd and recovery console cd??????????????

    Which antivirus facilitates to create rescue cd so that i can scan my pc for viruses booting frm that cd? Currently i use Avast Pro but there is no such option. Secondly is there any way to create a bootable xp recovery console cd with which i can use recovery console even if i don't have xp cd?
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    help needed for 3 problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys i have 3 queries as follows- 1. I boot the pc from win xp cd and in recovery console when I give the command "fixmbr" I get the following message: This computer appears to have a non-standard or invalid master boot record. FIXMBR may damage your partition tables if you proceed. This could...
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    how efficient is Altiris SVS??????????????

    Hey guys? Anybody used or using this software frm Symantec? How effective is this software in terms of avoiding conflicts among softwares? I've heard that it is also useful for uninstalling installed software completely without leaving any traces. I am thinking of using this software.Please...
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    can't see hidden files or folders!!!!!!!!!!!

    In Folder Options thought I have selected Show hidden files and folders as well as unchecked hide protected operating system files, I can't see a single hidden file or system files in any drives. I have also scanned for virus or spyware with latest updates.Anybody got solution???:(
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