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    Best AMD Processor & MoBo Combination for my new PC?

    Hi, Kindly assist in assembling my new AMD Processor PC. Based on the reviews in various Mags/forums etc. I wish to buy ASUS A8R 32 MVP Deluxe MoBo & AMD 64 X2 +4800 Processor. Are they compatible with each other? Can I use DDR 2 RAM (either 667MHz or 800MHz)? What will be the indicative...
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    My new Gainward GeForce 6200 doesn't work!

    Hi, I have an Intel Pentium D processor (805) 2.66 GHz; Foxconn MoBo 945 Chipset with in built Graphics display; Transend DDR 2 Jet Ram 1 GB (512 MB x 2 in dual channel); Zebronics 500 Watts SMPS; 160 GB Seagate (7200) SATA Hard Disk; LiteOn 16X DVD-RW; Logitech Key Board & Mouse...
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