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    Help needed to detect system fault!!!!

    ......And my bad luck continues. Yesterday night, my machine turned off suddenly. Motherboard got power as I can see my soundcard Supreme Audio FX II glowing blue. But as I press power button on my cabby, the psu (Tagan BZ 800 watt) and one of my cabby led fans (Antec 900) blinks and then turns...
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    Corsair Psu Query!!

    Hi guyz, I own a HX 620 Watt psu. I was using my system without any UPS for 5-6 months. Recently I bought an APC 1000 VA Back UPS. Last Saturday nite, I turned on my system and within 5 minutes, my UPS turned on red indicating overload and change battery simultaneously and turned off. When I...
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    Are these temperatures OK??

    Hi guyz, I bought a new Q6600 SLACR. Have motherboard Asus X38 Maximus Formula and 2 GB ram with gfx HD3870X2. My queries are as following :- 1) Hardware monitor in bios showing CPU idle temp at 28 C and max. goes to 35 C. But mobo temperature is 40 C. North Bridge 45 C. South Bridge...
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    Help me decide the processor :

    Hi guyz, I am having the following config rite now : E6400 7900GT P5B DELUXE 2 GB ram 160*2 hdd 1 DVD Rom 1 DVD Writer Now I am selling my proccy + mobo + gfx card. I changed the following : Mobo - Asus X38 Gfx - 3870X2 Now help me decide a proccy. I shud opt for Q6600 or E8400? I...
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    Problem with new XHD 3870 X2!!

    Hi guyz, I am in a weired problem. Got the card just yesterday. The card has got dual slot cooler. After plugging it in, I saw only one fan of the card is running with a weired cluttering sound. The other fan is not running at all. I am getting display in the monitor. Everything is ok. But the...
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    System Specs Please comment and suggest!!

    Hi guyz, I have decided on the following proccy, motherboard and graphics card : 1. Proccy - Rite now I will use my old proccy. I will change it with 45nm quadcore when it will be available. 2. Mobo - I am preferring Asus Maximus Formula that is not so costly as...
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    Computer Cleaner

    Hi guyz. I am really going mad about dust problem. My cabby has got lot of meshes and I cant just keep my cabby clean enough. I tried cleaning it this weekend but there are some really unreachable places for my hand ( exp. gfx card fan, cabby fans, inside the smps etc.). Just suggest me some...
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    Problem with Viewsonic VG 1921 WM!!

    :-( Please help me out friends. I have been using the Viewsonic Widescreen for almost 4-5 months now. I am facing the below problems : 1) Whenever my machine illegally shuts down, the native resolution changes from 1440*900 to 800*600. I cant figure it out why this is happenning...
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    Suggest a decent soundcard!!

    I need a decent 8 channel soundcard. Budget 10 k max.Please suggest. thanx in advance:).
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    overclocking stability issue!!

    Hi guyz.This is a really strange problem that i have faced last night. My cpu is oc to 3 GHZ rite now(model - E6400).i had no stability issues for abt 1 and 1/2 months.Suddenly uesterday nite,my machine refused to boot showing a message "OVERCLOCKING FAILED". I went to bios and lowered core...
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    I guess Corsair PSUs are overrated

    :(:( U guyz wont beleive what happened today in the morning.i further oc my system to 3.24 Ghz and left the system to run with orthos stress test for whole nite. in the morning what i see?? NVIDIA hardware alert that my gpu is not getting sufficient power????!!!! 7900 GT is not at all a power...
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    OCZ or Corsair??

    Hi guyz, i want to buy a decent dual channel kit and i am really confused whether to get OCZ Reaper or Corsair Dominator. if nyone has used ny of these two,plz state the performance. and i hv some payment problems too while buying online.i dont wanna use ny card.is there ny way of some...
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    please suggest a decent cpu cooler

    Hey guyz. What brand of cpu cooler is a decent one?I wanna go for Zalman.Is it ok?
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    ram compatibility!!

    hi guyz. a bit of help is required.my mobo is asus p5b deluxe(non wifi). it supports dual channe; memory architecture with ddr2 800/667/533 mhz n.max fsb supported is 1033 mhz. i wanna go for dominator twinx pc2-8500 dual channel memory kit.now,will ths ram be compatiblwe with my mobo??n wht...
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    ram upgradation suggestion required!!

    rite now i hv p5b deluxe supportin max 8 gb ram i hv now 2*1 gb ram i wanna hv 2 gb more. bt in the motherboard book,its written tht "we recommend not 2 use more than 3 gb ram coz the system may show less than 3 gb due to some addressing mode expansion[somethin like tht,i cant remember rite now]...
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    CS 1.6 Tips and Tricks

    Hi all.I am starting this thread regarding the skills needed to be a good CS player. Post all your experiences,your suggestions here starting from preferable guns n buying strategies to preferable positions in different maps,bombing techniques,important boostings,way of increasing skills with...
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