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    31337 sp3@k 93N3R@T0r

    http://ryanross.net/leet/leet2.gif download here http://ryanross.net/leet/l33t_v12.zip for more info http://ryanross.net/leet/
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    HDDlife - check the life of your HDD

    Download here http://www.hddlife.com/HDDlife.exe More info @ http://www.hddlife.com/
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    Is the Ipod Overrated?

    Read the whole article here
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    Play mobile Java games on your PC!

    I came across this beautiful app while browsing "Gamemagic S60" Here is the link http://freshsoft.triviax.net/gamemagic.exe (file size <1MB) Emulates Nokia 3650/7650 on your pc, play any java game and have fun!!
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    Windows XP 64 bit - First Look

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    Ultra DMA mode 4 doesn't work on my HDD

    First, please refer to the pic above. My problem is that my 40GB Seagate barracuda (shown as Device 0) functions only in Ultra DMA Mode 3, whereas my older Samsung 20GB (shown as Device 1) functions in Ultra DMA Mode 4. I'd like to know how to make it work in Mode 4, as it's faster (66 MB/s)...
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    Whats the worst game you've ever played?

    Lets relive those funny moments...Games which you played through courageously (since you've spent your moolah on it) or plain install + uninstalled promptly!! 1. James Bond 007 :Nightfire - This should've been named "glitchfire". Doors that open half way. Sliding through staircases. Walking...
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    The 'Underdog' Games....list 'em please!

    By 'underdog' games....I refer to games which never got their due...inspite of the stellar reviews and gameplay. Do list games which you've found to be truly spectacular inspite of being commercial duds. I list mine here.... 1. Tron 2.0 - A beautiful RPG cum FPS which ran on the Lithtech...
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    Opera is the fastest of 'em all !!!

    RESULTS >> http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/browserSpeed.html
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    No output from centre spreaker of 5.1 set, any ideas?

    I'm unable to get any sound from the centre speaker of the 5.1 Creative Inspire 5200 whch I've just purchased. I've checked and reinstalled all the necessary drivers. But theres no sound from the center speaker. Even the diagnostics go well (provided by creative itself). Any ideas?
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    Artera has screwed up my system

    I'd installed Artera 3.1 and I'm not able to uninstall it from the system, i.e, it does get uninstalled, but I'm no longer able to use internet explorer. Opera and firefox runs fine, but I'm not able to update Norton AV definitions too. The reason being that it routes connections through the...
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    Wordpad keeps crashing.....

    My problem is that wordpad keeps crashing....It can only be resolved by rebooting. My OS in XP w/SP2. Anyone with some soultions?
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    Video settings locked in WMP9 (only for DVD)..help reqd.

    I am unable to change the video settings or the graphic equalizer settings when watching a DVD using WMP 9. Otherwise it can be easily changed while watching any VCD. Is this common with VOB files or is there any other player which will allow me to manipulate video/sound settings? Any...
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    List your 'Must haves'!

    Lets list a couple of must-have programs! List only the ones which you absolutely need, ones which stand out from the crowd. Also give a brief description of each Btw don't list NAV, Nero and the like! Here goes mine--- 1. Hare (Doubles the speed of your pc.... well, almost 2. Start Button...
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