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    How's That!!

    This topic is to ask questions about the new technology you don't know how it works.So,ask the geeks and they will give their best.Here is my first throw, How does the stack cooling works? This cooling is used in the asus's latest mobo(LGAP5D2).it is noiseless and more effective cooling.So...
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    Check the latest!!!!!!!!

    hi fellows, here is the latest technology .check this configuration The alienware guys have built this, 1.intel xeon proccessor. 2.liquid cooling system, this is. 3.to nvidia graphic cards combined to give the punch we gamers need. 4.2.4tera bytes of space!!!!!!!!!! Want...
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    Is hard disk eating the capacity or the operating system?

    Hi think heads, i have a problem with my hard disk and it is showinr wrong disk space used than the actual.i belive that it is the problem of the operating sytem which is the XP.Now, can any one of u can solve my problem. :cry: :oops: :x :(
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