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    svchost.exe crashes and no sound

    Hi, For last 2 days im facing this problem....... i installed a new pci sound card from zebroics it uses Some ES Maestro driver... as my 915gav onboard was not working...... since tht i started getting svchost.exe error C:\DOCUME~1\siva\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER5604.dir00\svchost.exe.mdmp...
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    Intel announces plan for global job cuts

    Source http://www.rte.ie/news/2006/0905/intel.html Regards Sivanesan
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    Help on Intel 915 GAV 6.1 Sound

    Hi all, Anybody has installed the 6.1 speakers from the onboard slot in the Intel 915 GAV mobo........ in the mobo there is a socket for 6.1 audio out as mentioned in the user manual........ but how do i take an out from that socket.... the dealer has no idea about that and there is no such...
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    PDA Software in Windows??????

    Hai All, Is it possible to run a PDA software in windows environment. Regards Sivanesan
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