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  1. r2d2

    HP G4-2049TX extended warrany

    Hi Guys What is the cost of extended warranty of this laptop (G4-2049TX), dealers are saying its either Rs 1999 or Rs 2999 so I am bit confused. If any of you guys own this laptop can you please confirm how much you pay for this extended warranty.
  2. r2d2

    Nokia N95 8GB for Rs 26999 from indiaplaza.in

    I have a indiaplaza.in gift certificate (got under the 100% money back offer) so if anybody is interested in buying the Nokia N95 8GB (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty) direct from www.indiaplaza.in for Rs. 26299 (Indiaplaza price Rs. 28799) PM me. The voucher can also be redeemed for any other...
  3. r2d2

    Brand new Nokia XpressMusic 5310 slim mobile phone for sale

    Today I recieved a Nokia XpressMusic 5310 (blue-black) from Singapore (got it as a prize from Nokia Friendster XpressMusic Quiz Contest). Its brand new (seal has been opened for Customs inspection). It has all the documentation (Commercial Invoice, Custom Invoice, etc). I am selling it for Rs...
  4. r2d2

    Upcoming Nokia N96 Specs Leaked At German Nokia Website

    Yes, specifications of the Nokia N95 successor were leaked at Nokia Germany website. The page was originally located at http://www.nokia.de/A4831082 but removed later. Upgraded features include inbuilt 16GB flash memory, AND MicroSD slot, DVB-H ... Picture Courtesy http://www.intomobile.com/...
  5. r2d2

    Sennheiser CX-300 for only Rs. 1499 at Indiatimes.com

    Sennheiser CX-300 (black) selling for Rs. 1499 at Indiatimes.com :shock:, is that a pricing mistake, cos another 2 CX-300's are selling at Rs 7040 at the same site...
  6. r2d2

    U wont believe this XFX 8600 GTS for Rs.1699 only!!!

    Got this news from TE forum, XFX graphics card GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB DDR3 is selling for Rs.1699 only, this is a totally insane deal if this is true. Unfortunately only available in Mumbai...
  7. r2d2

    Latest! giftmate Rs. 250 voucher scheme

    Haven't tried this but yet another free Rs. 250 voucher scheme from giftmate. First u need to register at www.zapak.com then go here. Existing giftmate users can also buy a match pass of Rs. 50 from www.neosports.zapak.com. Edit: Direct linking has been disabled by Giftmate, now you need to...
  8. r2d2

    altec lansing 121i or creative sbs 370

    altec lansing 121i or creative sbs 370? which one is better? i know there are better speakers but for now please suggest between these two only.
  9. r2d2

    Mobile software giveaway from S60.com

    Aglaya's Call Filter (normally $9) for free at S60.com http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/news/item/6249_Free_Call_Filter_thanks_to_S60.php
  10. r2d2

    Cheapest cell phone

    Suggest some really cheap cell phones available in the market now (any make/model) with or w/o bill. I don't require any features other than call register (SIM or otherwise). Please give prices as well if u can.
  11. r2d2

    IDEA sms spam

    Can anybody tell me how to unsubscribe from idea promotional sms and calls, its really getting annoying for me. Another thing, everyday Rs 1 is deducted from my balance even if i dont make any call, do you know why?
  12. r2d2

    First series60 touch-screen phone from nokia

    It also has tactile response. Apple, be afraid! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3uPxep2OIk
  13. r2d2

    P4, tuner card, sound card, lan card for sale

    I have the following used stuffs for sale. Anybody interested pm me. Delhi(N.C.R) buyers are preferred. I may also exchange the stuffs if I get any suitable deal. 1) Pentium4 1.5 ghz (socket 423) + heatsink 2) Pixelview playtv pro tuner card 3) Realtek LAN card 4) Creative Vibra 128(SB16)...
  14. r2d2

    Price of Nokia N91 in the grey market

    Price of Nokia N95 in the grey market Anybody knows the price of Nokia N95(normal) and new 8GB version in the gray market in NCR (gaffar market etc.)
  15. r2d2

    P4 1.5 Ghz for sale

    I have a Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz (Socket 423) with heatsink for sale. Delhi (N.C.R) buyers are preferred, may exchange too if I get suitable offers.
  16. r2d2

    AGP card under Rs. 3000

    Any suggestion for an AGP card (8X) under Rs. 3000. I mean best for that price range. Please don't suggest PCI-Ex as my mobo only support agp.
  17. r2d2

    Nokia N91 8GB

    Any news about the updated Nokia n91 8gb phone regarding price and availability. Regards r2d2
  18. r2d2

    Need help for buying a smps/psu

    Please suggest a good smps (400W +) for my pc , don't want ultra high quality like the antecs or coolermasters as they are too costly for me, also should not be too cheap like the ones bundled with cabinets. My budget is around Rs. 1000 (maybe a little more). Regards Hirak
  19. r2d2

    Help me decide an AM2 motherboard

    Hi guys I need help in choosing the best from the following AM2 based motherboards within budget 4000. I am looking for reliability and performance. If u have other boards in mind within the same budget please suggest me as well. Gigabyte GA-M51GM-S2G Asus M2N-MX MSI K9NGM...
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