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    How many SSD and HDD slots are available in Alienware 17 R5?

    I have purchased an Alienware 17 R5 laptop. I was planning to buy additional SSD to install in my laptop. But I got conflicting information throughout the internet including Dell sale representative. I am completely take aback with this amount of confusion. I have bought a laptop with "512GB...
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    Which Laptop should I buy??? Pls take your time

    Hi fellow NotebookReviewers Nearly 6 months I have been hunting for a gaming laptop. From the moment I started the search I faced lots of new features which made me course correct from one laptop to another. And finally I feel I have a saturation point and now I am faced with a huge difficulty...
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    Both sides from LG 55UF850T randomly dims

    I am using Lg55UF850T. Randomly whenever I am some movie or playing some games (PS3) THE FOLLOWING THING HAPPENS. Picture attached. Flickr - Photo Sharing TO explain further....The complete black does not appear suddenly.It starts from the left and right edges and slowly occupies the...
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