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    startup problems blue screen error..

    hi i am using windows vista on a centrino dual core laptop..i am facing blue screen errors since a few days back. after the first attack there were 2 was that the startup screen divided into multiple screens.. after that the computer would get heated up and fan would consecutively...
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    internet security

    hii i am getting a red crossed mark on the lock sign in the browser tab (where the ip address is written).i know that google searches are secure..and a green light ought to be does that mean that my computer security has been jeopardised??can anyone shed light on this plz?? thanx
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    files cant be deleted

    hi i am trying to delete video and some softwares' files on my computer that i downloaded from the web, but can't do so because of some problem in authorization ..or so as i think. there are 2 types of error messages that appear the 1st is:the action cant be completed as the file is open in...
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    facebook problem

    hi i was recently downloading a software from the internet when ,in the flow,i accidently affirmed a request to post on my facebook profile by some other person .they manipulate my profile by liking odd pages and communities and posting feeds.i am unable to change my priorities to prevent...
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    bluetooth blues

    hi i have a hp vista running on a centrino duo processor and i was using bluetooth to connect to my mobile for transferring videos and other stuff ,and it was working properly,but(a few days ago)for some reason it stopped transferring and the console displays a message "file not sent:an invalid...
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    internet download manager won't download

    hi ' i was using idm 6.07 version(on windows vista core duo proc.hp pavilion notebook) and uptil recently it was working fine when one day i received a message that ""the server replies that you don't have permissions to download this file.details:http/1.1.403 forbidden."and since then i...
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