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    Can't connect to wpa2 network

    Hi My billionton rt73 wlan card works fine at my home airtel wpa network but when i try to connect to wpa2 or wep network in my office, it hangs on acquiring network and fails to connect i have windows xp sp3 and windows 7 dual boot configuration on my hcl laptop but both fail to connect i...
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    ravi shankar prasad vs abhiskek manu singhvi

    We all have witnessed their fiery debates on news channels They are two of the best debaters in India But who is better of the two
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    budget speakers

    hello i need to purchase a 2.1 or 5.1 speaker system for listening to music and watching movies on pc and may be attach it to my dvd player occasionally my budget is about RS.2500. I am not able to decide between the two and also which brand to buy altec or logitech or creative... so please tell...
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    best certification to get hired

    hello I am 3rd year cse student i am looking to do some certification this summer but i am not so sure about them i know certifications add value to your resume but will they increase my chances in campus placements in s/w companies like infosys, wipro, tcs etc. is it worth the effort...
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    xampp problem

    i have installed xampp on my windowsxp sp2 machine everything is installed correctly but php is not working the .php files are executed by the browser but php code is not parsed i have tried to change httpd.conf file but then apache fails to start what should be done to correct this problem...
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    c# problem

    i was trying to add a button column to the windows forms datagridview but i do not know the event that will be fired on clicking the button in asp it is the item command event but there is no such event in windows form datagridview please help
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    unable to install visual studio 2005

    Hi, i have visual studio 2008 express edition installed on my computer i want to install VS.NET 2005 professional edition but the setup just fails when installing document explorer is this becoz of 2008 edition please tell me how to solve this problem i need to install the s/w urgently:cry:
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    digicam under 8000

    which is the best digicam available in the market in the range of 5000-8000 which is better a sony or a canon digicam
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    shell scripting

    Is learning shell scripting in UNIX of any use (besides geekiness) as most of the distros are shipped with gui and what is the best source for learning shell scripting
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    book for data structures

    which is the best book for data structures (c/c++) which with complete algorithms
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    ntldr is missing

    when i start my computer i get the error message ntldr is missing press ctr+alt+delete to restart but when i boot with my windows xp CD in the DVD drive (but not actually booting from it ) i do not get the error and i am successfully able to boot into windows i tried fixmbr in repair mode but...
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    dekstop disappears on opening any folder

    when i try to open any folder in windows xp sp3 the desktop disappears i have avg 8 free, zone alarm, adware,spybot,spy sweeper please help me i have a project deadline
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    system slowdown after sp3 upgrade

    my system literally crawls after upgrading to service pack 3 it takes 20 minutes to boot to workable state start up program is only zonealarm i also did a virus check i am fed up and disgusted what is the problem with my comp???:x:confused::mad: please help yaar!!!
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    change drive letters

    After a reconfiguration of boot loader in suse linux two of my drives swapped their drive letters in WINDOWS XP SP2 (weird) now i can not reassign the drive letters as the disk management utility in control panel fails to start and gives error " service execution failed" so can u suggest any...
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    gaming upgrade

    hi i have very old age system with config 2.4 GHz p4 intel 845G chipset 376 MB ram i want to upgrade to pcei to play new games at respectable frame rates so please suggest me a good config ( i would like to drag my proccessor for some more time ) my budget is 10k
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    AVG ANTISPY causing havoc

    whenever i run full scan from avg antispyware in the middle of the scan BSOD appears please solve this problem or else i shall uninstall
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    Hard disk going to crash????

    Hi my 4 month old hard disk makes a sound when the led glows HHD HEALTH shows nearest TEC feb,2008 can i get a replacement before the hard disk crashes what should i do :?:confused::?
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    windows installer error

    whenever i try to install software i get the following error message the installation package could not be opened verify that the package exist and that you can open it or contact the application vendor to verify that it is a valid windows installer package i reinstalled the windows...
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