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    Wireless Headset and USB Wifi card

    Hey mates Looking for a good Wireless Headset with mic and USB Wifi card for desktop Mostly for watching movies and songs Budget ~ Rs 1000 USB Wifi Card Should have good signal reception/ Transmission Budget ~ Open but one that meets basic requirements
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    issue while installing windows 7

    Hi guys Just bought mah new machine and the experience is not good, I had installed windows 7 32 bit but had to reinstall it with 64 bit to get full ram support , I was succesful in that too but due i to some reason I had to reinstall windows 7 so I used hiren boot cd and I guess dat has...
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    Xeon vs Core i5

    Hi Just that had finalized Core i5 4440 with B85-D3H but read few post and that xeon is better or atleast as good as Core i5 in de same price bracket ,so would like to commence a talk which is better Xeon or Core i5 with out K for Desktop,
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    B85 vs H81 Chipset

    Hi guys, Hey looking for a mbd for my Intel 4440 proc but lil bit confused whether to go for H81 or B85 , If I'm not wrong only diff between them is H81 has fewer options for expansions like USB 3.0 , only 2 SATA III ports, no Crossfire (which I m not gonna use neways) ....etc but cmon I am...
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    Suggest a new Cabinet

    Hi guyz looking to buy a cabinet for my new system proc Intel 4440 mbd GIGABYTE B85M-D3H ssd evo 120 GB 160GB SATA HDD ( from old system) Samsung monitor s2240l RAM 2GB * 2 1600 Mhz CL11 SMPS Antec VP450p can spend around Rs 3000 + max Rs 500 if its worth Heard of NZXT's...
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    New Gig within 35K--42K

    Hi Guys looking for new Desktop system . Initially I was gonna go for Lappy but since my most time will be spent on development plp suggested Desktop is good. Is is correct ? Heres the details 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run...
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    Suggest a Motherboard

    I got Gigabyte G31m -es2l with Dual Core 3.0. Basically is this the motherboard which is affected by flaw in Intel chipset design Intel® 6 Series Chipset — Chipset circuit design issue identified Can you suugest a good mbd for Dual core 3,0 or Core 2 Duo 1.7
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    Wifi Router With USB

    Well here's another query abt router Well I'm planning to buy a Wifi Router with good Coverage,should cover 2 BHK flat . for future safe I need a USB port too. What are my options. About budget, well cheapest/reasonable available in de market Few queries 1> Does going for 802.11n worth...
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    Need LCD HD (Led backlight)

    Well mah current monitor has gone bad !! Need a new 22" monitor under 10 K with HDMI which 1 should i go 4 ??? Dell 2220L and samsung is outta stock !!!! howz BenQ v2200 eco ? any sugesstions ????
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    Need Andriod phone

    Hey guyz !!!! lookiing for andriod phone around 20 K with following specs 1> Camera > 5.0 Mp with flash 2> Color >=16M 3> OS >=Andriod 2.2 4> Screen >= 3.5 got Xperia X10, Samsung 9003i,Motorola Defy in mind . Any suggestions ????
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    need help for .net programming

    well I wanna run dos command in or c# & wanna get the status of the execution , whether the command failed or executed successfully . any1 out here ???
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    broadcasting problem

    well guys I m using sify, the prob is I have night unlimited plan & I'm not able to use it coz of heavy congestion due to broadcasting.The funny thing is that it starts only at night. Anyway I can trace the culprit ??????
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    US universities

    well can ane1 suggest me some good universities in US for Computer science GRE score around 880 to 1000
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    well looking to upgrade my pc config budget :- Rs 15000 for ( RAM + mbd+ Processor + dvd writer + graphic card ) so plz help me out guys !!!!!1
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    Middleman service

    Well I wanna buy a product from UK / US from a person .So looking for a middleman service like paypal ( Paypal does not guaranty 100 % refund ) that can make this transaction secured for both buyer & seller heres how it should work 1> I send the payments to middleman 2>Middleman...
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    mah experience wid IDEA network

    here it goes mates, I had vodafone & switched to idea month a go wid de hope of good tariff plan & network conn I bought new idea conn on 21 oct , de idea store guy explained mw whole tariff plan 199 rentel,300 local calls & 200 local sms free/month , bla blah blah. here comes de...
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    s video cable

    well I wanna watch movies on mah TV using Geforce 5300 ( which has 4 pin S video o/p), de prob is mah TV has only 3 rca & conventional composite i/p & no S video i/p. So lookin for s video to 3 rca or composite video cable, can u guys help me .where can I get it in mumbai ,preferably nearby...
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    FS: Nokia 6600

    well got Nokia 6600 with extra battery + handsfree (original Nokia)+a body panel interested plp lemme know !!!! , me from aamchi mumbai
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    PIII for sale

    P III for sale socket processor P III ,800 Mhz, me from aamchi mumbai , interested ? lemme know .
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    how can I delete vista files ????

    I hav dual boot system & wanna delete vista files ie ( windows & prog folder ) after logging into windows XP. the prob is that it gives de "Access denied " error ane solutions ????
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