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    Ways to buy nexus and other products at us price

    nexus devices are over priced in india almost double the price in US:-x:-x.I dont believe it is solely due to taxes correct me if i am wrong.I often come across people on the web saying there are so many ways to buy it online at US but i cant find any.I started this thread to gather ways to buy...
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    which course should i opt for if i am interested in computers and cell phones

    I am interested both in computers and cellphones.I wanted to join computer engineering since I already have some experience in C++ and java but now computer market seems to be down(14% decline in sales) IMO it has lost it to smartphones and tablet industry.Is a degree in computer science and...
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    MotherBoard and compatibility

    Board: Intel Corporation DG41RQ AAE54511-203 Serial Number: AZRQ938003BX Bus Clock: 266 megahertz BIOS: Intel Corp. RQG4110H.86A.0009.2009.0108.1005 01/08/2009 does this motherboard support ddr3 ram:cry: does this motherboard support any of the i series processors:cry:
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