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    my data has vaporised!! plzzz help

    i'm running win7 on a laptop. my pen drive (kingston 4 gb, fat32) is not showing some of my folders. when i'm searching for them by name they're there and i can find the files within the folders but not the folders themselves. It is not possible to remember all the filenames and even searching...
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    machine slowing down!!

    config: C2D E4500 XFX 8600GT 512MB ASUS P5DL2 VM SE 2x1 GB Zion 800Mhz when i first got my hands on COD4:MW I ran it on the above config at 1024x768 with everything on and max. no hitches whatever. now i have to run it at 800x600 and some fx turned off to run it smoothly. it may be a virus...
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