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    Update iOS but not to latest version

    Hi, I have iphone 3gs with iOS 4.1 JB. I want to update to 6.1.2 and use untethered JB, but itunes wont let me bcoz 6.1.3 is the latest. Only shsh blobs that I have is of iOS 4.1. Is there any way I can update to iOS 6.1.2?
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    What Xcode and eclipse are capable of.

    Xcode and eclipse are the best IDE's for iOS and android development respectively. I was wondering if apps like instagram, evernote & angry birds are made from these IDE's only? Or does it require something more?
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    Can't install Linux

    I tried installing ubuntu 11.10, linux mint 12 but installation gets stuck at same point. I am using logitech wireless keyboard and mouse could that be the problem? plz help
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    What's the meaning of clock speed?

    Can anyone explain me what exactly is the clock speed. I googled it and understood that "clock speed is the speed at which processor can perform tasks" if that's true then clock speed is all that should matter when buying a processor, higher the clock speed faster the cpu.
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    fifa 09 hamachi servers

    Anyone intreseted in playing fifa 09.
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    'Application not installed' Error Android

    I have an application's .apk file when i installed that apk directly it ran well. Later i opened that apk in winrar and replaced an image file in drawer-hdpi folder, when i try to install this new apk file it gives me 'Application not installed' Error. I even tried signing the new apk still...
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    How to keep status bar 'always on top' in android?

    I found some apps which let you bring up status bar by pressing a key or by certain gesture but i want the status bar to be visible all the time (even in a fullscreen app) with no need to perform any of above actions.
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    what's the difference between HTC legend A6363 and A6365

    My Legend's digitizer is damaged so i want to replace it, when i searched for digitizer on ebay they have two models A6363 and A6365. So i want to know which one am i using and does it even matter I mean can i put A6365's digitizer in A6363 or vice versa
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    How to change screen size of android?

    First of all let me clear, by changing screen size i don't mean changing resolution. What i want to do is use only a part of my screen and not the whole screen. Suppose i don't want to use upper half of screen, i want only the lower half of screen to be used. I want my phone to behave like the...
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    part of touchscreen not working (HTC legend)

    My HTC legend was working well till last night but now a part of the touchscreen has become unresponsive and its really annoying. I Don't think its an software problem since i tried factory reset even installed the stock froyo ROM (clearing all data and cache) but the problem still persists. Can...
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    find and replace dos batch

    suppose i have a file a.txt which contains: D:\Doc\Abhay\bat i want to change this to D:\Doc\Abhay\ plz write an .bat file for this. I have no idea how to write batch files. I googled it, found some answers too but couldn't understand anything. plz give me complete code start to end
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    batch file to add registry key

    i want to create a batch file which will add its directory path to registry as a string value.
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