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    Sony W800a 3D settings help required !!!

    Hey Guys, Proud owner of a 47"W800a. Pretty pleased with it. Have done my custom picture settings on it :) I just have one doubt and need some clarification. When i activate 3D on my TV, the picture settings that i made while watching 2D contents changes automatically. Is this...
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    Sony 47" W800A vs Sony 46"W950A

    Hey Guys, I have finally narrowed down my choice to these 2 TV's. Here i am just trying to contemplate if it is worth paying the extra 30k for the W950A. I have demoed both the sets and here are my opinion. I used Avengers bluray rip on both the TV's at the showroom. Honestly could...
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    Full HD TV for INR 70k !!!

    Hi guys, Pls suggest based on my requirements. 1. Budget of max inr 70k. 2. Full Hd (1920x1080p). 3. No 3D required. 4. No smart features required. 5. Bigger the size, better. (Inches) 6. Mainly uses - HD Movies and ps3 gaming. Thanks...
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    IPAD 4th Generation or Nexus 10 ???

    Hi Guys, I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and am planning to buy a tablet (Wifi only). The main uses of the tablet are going to be: 1. Watching HD Movies 2. Watching TV Shows 3. Playing HD Games 4. Browsing the web and streaming online videos. While watching movies, TV shows or streaming...
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    Samsung NP355V5C-S03IN vs Samsung NP300V5A-S0GIN

    Hi guys, Am planning on getting myself a new laptop this diwali. Samsung NP355V5C-S03IN Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 6GB/ 750GB/ Win7 HP/ 1GB Graph): Compare, Review Samsung Notebook vs Samsung...
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