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    Tv mainly used for pc gaming

    Hello All , This is my post to any forum . and i just want to ask .. is it possible to used any TV as a monitor ... i googled about it but cant find any related answers.. just a bunch of confusing words like INPUT LAG , 120HZ , etc ..please any one suggest only name of TV company and its model...
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    About soccer games

    i played a lot of soccer games(including EA and Konami full series from 06 to 2010) but i saw a stunt based soccer games on ps3 and Xbox i want to know that such games also available on pc or not(like fifa street 3) please urgent eager to play in FIFA fever
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    Which to buy

    i am just quit confused about which to buy. my budget upto 40 k but in 2 installment so either i go for 24 inch monitor with home theater now and then 3 months with quad core and GTX 260 or any other . or go for CPU and graphics first and then display then. which prices drops in these days...
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