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  1. vishalg

    can only boot by pressing mem ok!

    i am able to boot only by pressing the mem ok button (twice) on by asus m5a97 evo board, it gives continuous 1 long and 2 short beeps and the dram led on the board is lit. i have 2x2 gb corsair ddr3 value rams @1333 1. i have tried clearing cmos by jumper as well as removing the battery...
  2. vishalg

    Plz suggest a good router within 2.5k

    Hi guys, I want to buy a new wireless router for my bsnl broadband connection my max budget is 2.5k i have been using utstacom wa3002 g1 router for many years bsnl is offering a binatone router for 1850/-, is it a good choice, or should i go for a good brand router like netgear or d-link??
  3. vishalg

    Some websites not loading on my bsnl broadband

    i am facing a weird problem with my bsnl 750ul+ broadband connection some 15 days back the bsnl shifted its servers to new ones in their exchange since then some sites do not load fully on my system (eg., mobile-review, yahoo mail) dropbox cannot upload files now its gets more...
  4. vishalg

    Galaxy R showing only 6gb as against 8gb memory!!!!!

    Hi guys :) i recently bought a samsung galaxy r which is advertised as having 8 gb of user memory, but my fone shows around ~6gb only (~2gb internal + 4gb usb storage) i am new to android os (coming from symbian series :-( ) the shopkeeper said that the remaining 2gb is for the OS!! is this...
  5. vishalg

    Is this behaviour normal for an APC UPS??

    i recently bought an APC UPS 1.1KVA now whenever i switch it on, the green light flashes and the fan turns on for few seconds and then switches off and the green led stops flashing. is it normal for the UPS to do so, is it some kind of a test???
  6. vishalg

    HTC Incredible S OR Desire S

    Simple question guys looking between an HTC incredible S and the Desire S (or if you have any better options to suggest in a 22-24k price bracket) -although incred as an 4 inch screen its res. is same as the 3.7" desire -battery is also the same but i guess desire s should give more...
  7. vishalg

    Data1 connect. Not working

    i am having a data1 net connect. With an utstarcom wirless modem Since yesterday i am unable to connect to the internet The lan & adsl leds are glowing It seams that the modem reset itself, even after manually reset connect. Didnt work It dosent work in ubuntu either OWING TO THE LEGENDARY...
  8. vishalg

    how is HP Pavilion dm1 3014AU for a netbook?

    hi guys :) i am considering the HP Pavilion dm1-3014AU netbook my primary concern is portability (hence laptops are out) with decent power and battery price and the above model checks almost all boxes a per my req. my budget is 25k max i will mainly use it for light coding, web...
  9. vishalg

    help in buying a pair of rechargeable AAs

    i wana buy a pair of rechargeable AA batteries with charger for my wireless mouse now i have never used rechargeable AAs so some queries: 1. which brand should i go for 2. will the batteries that come with sony\kodak cameras do ok 3. suggest a good online shop for buying, most of the...
  10. vishalg

    Amd phenom 955 cpu fan throttling before shutdown!!

    hello guys!! i am facing a unique problem with my stock cpu fan many a time when i shutdown/standby my system the cpu fan suddenly throttles to full speed and then shutsdown it happens even when the temps are normal my temps idle-35 load-51 it is totally random the system was oced to 3.4...
  11. vishalg

    DVD player buying help

    hi guys :) i wana buy a dvd player with a usb input to go with my old panasonic 5.1 muzik system (amazing sound quality but it only plays cds) so plz suggest a good dvd player within 5k which can play popular video formats like divx, avi, wmv through usb
  12. vishalg

    phenom II 965 or 955?

    hey guys :) My friend is confused btw an amd phenom II 965be & 955be As u know the only diff btw them is the 200mhz clock rate but the price diff. is abt 1k! I adviced him to go for a 955( which i also have and am more than satisfied with its perf.) and spend the 1k on ram. Is the...
  13. vishalg

    noisy phenom 955 stock fan

    i have recently bought an phenom 955BE and using it with the stock cooler on asus m4A87TD Evo mainboard now my problem is that even at normal operating conditions its very noisy even at 1100-1200rpm and 36-40C it is more than audible and is really irritating in night:!: i have cool n quiet...
  14. vishalg

    DVD Drive spinning from time to time

    hi guys i am facing a wierd problem with my sony dvd rw dru-v200s the dvd drive automatically spins from time to time, i can hear the drive spinning (the whooz sound that comes when the drive reads a cd) its really irritating i am using windows ultimate 64 bit, recently formatted
  15. vishalg

    Display garbled!!!!!!

    i am facing a vierd problem on my PC as you can see in the screenshot how the display looks [/URL][/IMG] now this happens when i run the run the windows exp. index test or for that matter any games (the games load fine until the actual in game screens) when the system restarts this...
  16. vishalg

    2x1 GB Kingston DDR2 RAM @ 800Mhz

    SOLD PLZ. CLOSE THREAD hi guys:mrgreen: wana sell 2 sticks of 1GB DDR2 RAM running at 800Mhz with lifetime warrenty purchased in '08 perfect for running in dual channel mode as both sticks are of same specs. and manufacturer i would prefer selling both sticks expected price...
  17. vishalg

    Req. HELP with MoBo & PSU for phenom II build

    hey guys:smile: i am new to this forum and this is my 1st thread i require some help from the members in selecting an asus mobo and psu for my new system based on amd phenom II x4 955 be following are the requirements- mobo budget - 5-6k brand - only asus pcie 16x - single based...
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