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    Mobile in 10k- 20k

    1. Budget? 10k-20k 2. Display type and size? 4.3"-4.7" ( 5" is too big for me) 3. Form Factor? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand ? Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touch 6. What camera option you want? Please specify...
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    What to do after 12th ? [PCM + CS student]

    I'm a PCM + Cs student and I'm just going to begin with my 12th standard. I'm really confused about what should I do after my 12th. 1 year before, I thought of cracking IIT-JEE. But after getting the taste of Science for 1 year, I'm beginning to think that JEE isn't my cup of tea. Only...
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    Earphones below 0.7k

    The title says everything. Just suggest the best earphones under 0.7k. Please give a link to product's flipkart page or of any other shopping site.
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    Android phone for 8k-12k

    Was checking out Motorola defy plus, htc desire c, wildfire s, and explorer. Which one to go for ?
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    USB ports not working

    Guy I'm using Intel DH67CL mobo and it's usb ports are not working. Checked only front panel ones. Will check the back ones later. OS is Win 7 x64. All mobo drivers are properly installed. Please suggest that what's going wrong.
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    USB ports not working

    The usb ports of my pc are not working since yesterday. Even the PC was taking years to shutdown. I tried reinstalling mobo drivers. They started working but after a restart the problems started again. I'm using win 7 ultimate x64.
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    Suggest a good 3g ISP and a plan

    I need an internet connection. I will do a lot of downloading (around 6 gb). I should get atleast 1 mbps bandwidth. High ping is not a problem. Please suggest a VFM 3g plan . Bsnl broadband is pathetic in my locality. Airtel BB hasn't yet arrived here. So only 3g, mts mblaze and EVDO are...
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    Cpu speaker producing beep sounds

    My CPU's speaker is producing beep sound as soon as I switch it on. It is 1 short and 1 long beep. I checked the RAM, HDDs. I reset the bios too by removing BIOS battery. I'm thinking that it is an integrated gpu failure. My pc is Compaq SG3540IL with MSI BOSTON MS-7525 ver 1.0 motherboard.
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    Best android mobile under 10k

    My friend wants to buy 2 android mobiles. 1 under 10k and other under 20k. Please suggest the best in the budget. The screen size of 10k mobile should be atleast 3".
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    Which config to choose for gaming

    I've made a list of few configs and I'm confused that which one should I choose. My primary purpose is gaming. I read somewhere that OCing the CPU has negligible effect on games (just a gain of mere 2-3 fps). Please tell the best config for gaming among following : 1. Asus P8H77-M + Intel Core...
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    Best graphic card in 13k range

    Which is the best graphic card for gaming in <=13k ?
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    A few doubts about the rig

    I am planning to buy this rig. I already have a 320gb hdd and a 17" LCD monitor. I already have other products like speaker, ups, keyboard, mouse. Asus P8z68m-pro - 10200 Core i5 2500k - 12300 Corsair vengeance 4 gb 1600mhz X2 - 3300 Corsair gs600 psu- 4000 nzxt source 220 msi amd hd6850...
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    Confused between 2 cards

    Which one to choose - gtx 560 or hd 6870 ? Confused between the two. I would mostly play games like mw3, crysis 2, fifa 12, etc.
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    Money which can be fetched by selling this pc

    How much money would i get on selling this pc : Compaq SG3540IL Desktop pc, 1 gb ddr2 800mhz ram (supports upto 4 gb), dual core 2.2 ghz, 320 gb sata 2.0 7200 rpm hdd , xfx geforce 7300se , 24x dvd ram, HCL 17" lcd monitor.
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    gaming PC costing approximately Rs. 40000

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: I want to play latest games at a good resolution with high settings. My PC should be futureproof for at least 3 years. It should run the games that would be launched in future years at any...
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    Approximate cost of listed components

    I want to buy a Core 2 duo E7600 and 2x2 gb PC2-6400 800Mhz RAM. I also want to buy a good graphic card which should be able to run games in upcoming 2-3 years at medium or lowest settings. Thinking about going for a Amd 6xxx or GeForce 4xx or 5xx. Please suggest a good graphic card and list the...
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    Query about graphic card compatibility !

    I'm having a mobo which has PCIe x 16 slot. Whereas the graphic cards in the market nowadays generally support PCIe x 16 2.0 or 2.1 . So, I wanna ask whether latest cards like hd 6770 or geforce 560ti would be compatible with my mobo or not ? By the way my PC is Compaq SG3540IL .
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