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  1. chesss

    Download youtube videos automatically

    I know youtube videos can be downloaded by using bookmarklets, using some sites like keepvid or using a firefox extension. BUt all these methods just give me a direct link to the flv file. What I want is to be able to download several youtube files one after another automatically. LIke I...
  2. chesss

    hardware course from IIHT

    I am thinking of doing a hardware course from IIHT. They are charging me 12500 for a 4 month course . Has anyone here done the same or similar course? Share your experience please. Also is it better to stick with these 'popular' institutes like IIHT/jetking or should I also look into similar...
  3. chesss

    System admin

    Someone suggested me to try for systema admin. and I am sure there are plenty of system admins here who can guide me. so what all is required to be a sys-admin ? what all is needed to be a sys-admin? in terms of qualification, skills,, experience etc. Is a college degree necessary ? because...
  4. chesss

    video editing software

    I want to cut out a portion of a video? by portion I don't mean by portion of time, but part of the video frame. Like remove the left of the video and make a clip out of it. This is getting difficult to explain in english... :? say you have 2 persons in a video, now we want to remove one...
  5. chesss

    weird problem, solution etc

    So a neightbour has a problem, his PC starts then stops after a couple of seconds . I opened his case , just looked around couldn't figure out anything. SO the next day he got an engineer to look into it. Now the engineer has identified the problem, but its something I have never heard...
  6. chesss

    Suggest multiplayer games

    I am looking for some multiplayer action :) but have little knowledge about multiplayer games . The only I know are chess and zapak. So suggest me some online games, to play with other humans through the internet. Require non-fps , freeware game. Something like AOE, or from any other...
  7. chesss

    Understanding multidimensional arrays in c++

    Heres a simple multi array - char c[10][10] = {"sunday", "monday"}; now my question is, in this case what will be c[0] or c[1] ? and what are their types ? Please think and answer.
  8. chesss

    HOw does Arch 'Roll'

    Thinking of giving arch linux a try. One thing concerns me. I read that arch is rolling update kind of distro . How exactly does this work ? My concern is will I have to upgrade my system (while potentially breaking it ) every 3 months just to install the latest version of a package . I read...
  9. chesss

    Pen drive linux rule

    I know this is the wrong forum, but... its so terribly useful! I have been playing around with pen drive OSes, and its amazing to see how far they have come. These days having a full OS on your pen drive is easy My current favourite is slax. Features of this OS - 1. SMALL - Currently...
  10. chesss

    Bridge builder - small gem of a game

    This is less of a game and more of a physics simulation . There are no fancy graphics, just pure physics simulation.. Bridge Builder is a small (200KB) 2D game in which you have to make bridges (that will stand the test of a passing train). Njoy! Edit: Read around a little . Turns...
  11. chesss

    Mouse accuracy game(flash)

    Small and simple flash game, to test your mouse accuracy.. 32000 - my top score :(
  12. chesss

    Opera meet in Delhi ( meet the CEO )

    I recieved a PM on my account - thought I'll share...
  13. chesss

    Sweet sweet illusion( 56k warning)

    I have seen quite a few optical illusions on the net, and this has to be the best! My mummy thought that I wa pulling her leg. I have excluded the explanation that came with illusion on purpose to make it lil more fun. I'll post the source later. :) If you don't see the illusion.. look...
  14. chesss

    very very Weird hard disk write speed

    20 GB, 7 years old HDD Model no: Samsung SV2042H I just noticed something totally out of the blue: I copied a 24MB .msi file from c: to e: . The copy operation took 2 seconds . I checked the source and destination files, both work. 24mb in 2 seconds = 12mb/sec Right? Generally I...
  15. chesss

    Can anybody do Lucid dreams

    IF this is the first time u r hearing of lucid dreams u shld be shocked! be prepared ;) so WTF is a Lucid dream?? Its a dream where u r fully conscious about the dream. The 'dream' feels so real that it is indistinguishable from the real thing. btw I haven't had a lucid dream , but...
  16. chesss

    wrestler hitting himself

    Is wrestling real?? :lol: more!
  17. chesss

    Wii-mote for PC from ASUS

    Eee Stick Link
  18. chesss

    Samsung Beat450

    This is the aamir khan advertisement - Youtube - 34 seconds about samsung beat 450 Now I am dead sure that this is something similar to this amazing holophonic mp3 - Holophonic.mp3 - 1.8mb ( LISTEN to this with headphones- its amazing!) It makes me jump just like the way aamir khan does...
  19. chesss

    Suspended animation

    maybe an overdone subject.. Real cool this - U wld immediately want to grab a print of this :D - remember to do it s-l-ow-ly EDIT: may not work in exploder
  20. chesss

    age of empires 3 question

    Hey just started playing aoe 3 . Sort of disappointed coz its more like a sequel to mythology and not conquerors . I have absolutely adored age of empiers 1 and age of empires 2. Have some questions 1. attack points and other details of of various units are hidden. why??? this seems...
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