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  1. prabhu.wali

    Chassis for NAS

    Hi fellas, I m thinking of building a NAS and i was looking for chassis to house at least 4-5 drive days similar to a drobo any suggestions?since m unable to find one :-?
  2. prabhu.wali

    Freelance job on Umbraco

    Hey Fellas,I need some modifications to be done on a website built using Umbraco, if anyone well versed please PM me and state your hourly rates and noobs please stay away:lol:
  3. prabhu.wali

    Software Firm :D

    hey fellas, I take great pride in letting you all know that me and my pals started our very own software development firm called Mass Minds,wish us luck and we are online @ :D
  4. prabhu.wali

    France's Dassault flies away with $10-b fighter jet deal :D

    NEW DELHI, JAN. 31: The over $10-billion (Rs 50,000 crore) deal to supply 126 fighter jets to the Indian Air Force has been won by the French firm Dassault Aviation SA. The deal is estimated to be the largest Indian defence deal. The number of Rafale aircraft supplied finally could increase as...
  5. prabhu.wali

    Urgent Need!!!

    hey can any of u fellas buy this NEUTRIK|NTP3RC-B|PLUG, 3.5MM JACK, R/A, GOLD | element14 India from delhi and courier me as the site says it takes 10-15days to reach me :-x,i need it asap 48 views and no reply?!!!!!!
  6. prabhu.wali

    Wi5 1mbps unlimited!!!

    hey fellas,jus got myself 1 mbps unlimited plan from wi5 for 899+tax/month coz of the F***ing FUP from airtel,so for so good :D
  7. prabhu.wali

    huge price difference!!!

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones [ATH-M50] - Rs.7,400.00 : Pristine Note, Shop audio, headphones, amplifier, DAC, hifi, mp3, audiophile products online store India Audio Technica ATH-M50 Price - Buy Audio Technica ATH-M50 Price in India, Best Prices n Review holy...
  8. prabhu.wali

    Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo October 29th, 2011 PICTORIAL (BANDWIDTH WARNING)

    Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo October 29th, 2011 PICTORIAL (BANDWIDTH WARNING)
  9. prabhu.wali

    EVGA 260gtx overkill for my config??

    hi fellas,i am thinking of buying a used EVGA 260gtx for my config:intel c2d e7200@2.53 ghz,4gb ddr2 ram,cm 600 extreme power,intel dg41rq.will the card be bottlenecked with my config?please let me know,i might buy it as early as 2morrow,regards.
  10. prabhu.wali

    Camera for a total noob

    Hi Fellas :wave: I am toally new to photography(been using a P&S camera with automatic mode) and i would like take up it as a hobby and i am eager to learn,please suggest me something under 21k and also i will not be able to invest in kit lenses at least for a year
  11. prabhu.wali

    Laptop for 40k

    Hi fellas,m on a hunt for a laptop,strictly under 40k and on flipkart i found the Asus U n K series while the U is priced at 50k n K at 41k,heres the comparison Asus U Series U36SD-RX010V vs Asus K Series K53SV-SX520V: Compare Computers: should i go for the k series or has it got...
  12. prabhu.wali

    Android Tablet

    Hi guys,brought a tablet from eby a couple months for 11k and its been hardly used,the bluetooth doesn work for some reason and is only compitable with huawei 3g stick" border="0" alt="" /> thats it i guess and i dont want to dupe the buyer jus for the sake of getting my hands off it ,below are...
  13. prabhu.wali

    ultimate portable audio solution

    hi,after weeks of surfing have finallly narroed in on the following portable audio equipment 1.PMP:COWON C2 16gb 2.Portable Amp:FIIO E7 3.Headohones:Grado MS1(have had suggestions from Red Dragon to go for IEM,but cant seem to get over the Grado:oops:). What say?!
  14. prabhu.wali

    Cooler Master Storm Enforcer!!!!!

    After hunting for a couple of days online fnally narrowed in on the CM Storm Enforcer and orderd with my good old local dealer for Rs 5670/- CM Storm tactics; Specifications Enforcer: - Dimensions - (W) 228.7 x (H) 484.55 x (D) 523.4 mm - Weight - 15.5 KG / 34.1 lbs - M/B - type...
  15. prabhu.wali

    Cowon d3!!!:d

    Hey folks,have zeroed in on COWON D3 to suffice my future Grdao MS1/ATH-M35/M50,any take?? nice one from engadget Cowon D3 Plenue Android PMP review (video) -- Engadget and this ones C2 its pretty solid for the price i guess Cowon C2 portable media player review -- Engadget
  16. prabhu.wali

    Grado MS1 vs ATH M35/M50

    fellas,finally narrowed in on MS1 and M35 which one shud i go for and M50 wud be like way over my budget considering i don want them too bulky
  17. prabhu.wali

    from Sennheiser px100 to ALESSANDRO GRADO MUSIC SERIES ONE

    hey fellas m thinking of upgrading from my Sennheiser px 100 to Grado Music Sereies One,any take on this? jeeez!!still no response????!!!
  18. prabhu.wali

    headphone plug

    hey fellas, m in need of of a headphone plug like this one 1/8" Mini Stereo Phone Plug -,any idea as to where i can buy them online :| phew!!finally found one NEUTRIK|NTP3RC-B|PLUG, 3.5MM JACK, R/A, GOLD | element14 India
  19. prabhu.wali

    New chassis old pc :P

    Cooler Master 690II Plus hi fellas m looking for a new chassis and have chosen cm 690II plus,any inputs??
  20. prabhu.wali

    isp change

    m currently usin bsnl 500c++ n it totally sucks m thinking o for opting airtel impatience 899,does it include landline rentals n if any other applicable charges, n wot is the avg download speed??
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