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    need new speakers budget 3500

    i bought a521 at 2890 but returned them 2-3 days back. I'm planning to get new ones in return of them. Please advise me I've shortlisted some speakers fitting my budget of Rs.3200 F&d A555U Edifier X600 creative t3130 Zebronics SW3200RUCF Multimedia Speakers - Zebronics:
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    need new speakers budget 3500

    now its time to buy dont want to regret this please help me to decide A521 OR T3300
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    need new speakers budget 3500

    found this F&D A521 2.1 Multimedia Speake 5500W With USB & MMC - Buy Online @ Rs.3205/- | please advise
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    need new speakers budget 3500

    need new speakers for music+movies budget strictly 3500 no preferences
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    Speakers for Music

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    Speakers for Music

    that's way above my budget
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    Speakers for Music

    Budget 3-4k I don't have any choices because of my very limited knowledge about speakers
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    Something Better than uTorrent

    Other bittorrent clients won't be making any d/l speed changes
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    HD 5670 @x4 and 250W PSU

    yes, PCIe x4 slot, will i get any performance issues? Shall i give it a try on my current PSU?
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    HD 5670 @x4 and 250W PSU

    see this
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    HD 5670 @x4 and 250W PSU

    got a deal for 5670 DDR5. It will be running @x4 on a 250W PSU, CPU-C2d e4400. Is it okay to run 5670 on these specs?? UPDATE:- Currently running 9400 GT
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    Mobiles you have owned

    SE W705 Xperia Arc
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    Need external cooler for 9800gt

    buy any 80mm case fan any try fixing it on the top of your 9800gt's Heat sink using clips or some tapes. I did the the same with my 9400GT, temps are reduced to 40(idle) from 70's
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Goodfellas Hotel Rwanda Memento Snatch The Pianist
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    Canon EOS 1100D. Any Alternatives?

    Should i go for 1100D? or i should consider other alternatives in the same budget
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    Contact transfer VIA bluetooth

    yesterday I sent some contacts to my friend's spice m-7070 via bluetooth but as soon as 6 contacts are transferred, spice mobile starts displaying file transfer failed. so i tried the same thing on another spice mobile, but still no further transfer after 6 contacts have been transferred:-?
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    In Time Sci-Fi
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    Do I need cooler for my configuration?

    post the idle & load temps
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    teustworthy online buying sites(like ebay)suggestion?

    primeabgb, itwares, smcinternational, md computers, itdepot and many more. just google any of them
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