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    Is this price good?

    Hi guys, just found a deal for an assembled second hand desktop cpu on olx, its a core 2 duo 2.8Ghz with 2gb ram, 160gb hdd and a dvd rw drive plus a UPS. Can someone tell me how much the right asking price should be? Thanks.
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    Looking for a tablet for internet and multimedia use ~10k

    Hi guys, I'mn looking to buy a tablet for around 10k. I will mostly be using it for email, skype, viewing pictures and music and the occasional movie ( I have a 22" monitor with an DVI port) games would be an added advantage. I found this which seems good : Swipe-Halo-Value-8 Are there any...
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    [For Sale] 4 Gb Laptop memory for sale

    Hi guys, i want to sell the ram module in my laptop as i'm planning to upgrade it. Its an 800Mhz DDR3 module from Samsung. Bought the laptop on 5th of Nov 2012 and haven't even taken the ram module out of the slot yet. (From Bangalore) Please quote a price if interested. Thanks.
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    Engg student looking for a laptop around 30k

    Hi guys, Im looking for a laptop around 30k. I'm an electronics engg student and will we using it to run simulation software and matlab,etc on Linux. I'm not much of a gamer but I would like it to be able to play hd movies. 1) What is your budget? <30k 2) What size & weight consideration (if...
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    Paisapay protection duration on

    Hey guys, i bought a pen drive on on the 8th this month and it was supposed to get to me by 16th but I still don't have it. The seller has told me that it will be here in a couple of days. But I have only one more day to confirm the receipt of the item in the PaisePay panel... So what...
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    Keyboard ESC key sticking...

    I am having this problem since about a month now. Took me quiet a while to figure out the exact problem. Whats happening is that the ESC key is getting stuck and the most fascinating thing is that it persists even after I plugged my friends keyboard and also tried different operating systems...
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    Need a GFX for the latest games...

    Im a causal gamer, I just need to be able to "run" games like NFS Shift and Burnout Paradise, DiRT 2 etc. Which is the cheapest card that I could buy? A store in my city has the 9400GT for Rs 3200. Will that do? Thanks.
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    Best simulation software for electronics..

    Hi, Im a second year EXTC engg student. I came across some simulation softwares a few books. After searching for a while on the internet I cant seem to decide which ones the best. Can someone help me? Thanks.
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    What does promotional talktime mean?

    I was looking at this page from the RIM website for recharge options : And for eg, the 100 Rs one has 90 Rs TALKTIME and around 10 Rs of Promotional Talktime. Whats the diference between these two? Thanks.
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    will a photocopy of the subscription form do?

    I don't want to cut the mag. So is it okay?
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    Suggest me a name for our Students Association

    Hi guys, we are about to form our students association for our Electronics and Telecommunication dept. and need to find a cool name for it. Can someone suggest a cool name? Or maybe any you might have heard of in other colleges? Thanks in advance.
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    Help finding a firefox theme...

    Hi guys, please help me find a firefox them I had seen on a screencast somewhere, I dont remember :( It was a simple theme but had the firefox logo behind the google search bar. Does anyone know its name? I tried the online search but couldn't find it as I don't know the name. Can someone help me?
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    Fasttrack to C++ softcopy...

    Its vacation time and I need to learn C++ but I couldn't get the copy of the magazine as my subscription had expired so can someone please give me a PDF?
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    Expected price for this config...

    Hi guys, Im looking to sell my comp, not all of it but : Processor - 3.0 Ghz P4 RAM : 512x2MB DDR1 and D101GGC mobo. How much should I expect? The comp guy said 3.5k, is it a good price?
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    Internet phone...

    Guys, I'm looking for a phone which a decent browser with a large screen and a music player, my budget is 8-10K. What do you suggest. I will be using it mainly for accessing moblie apps like gmail, and browsing sites (a big screen) and maybe chatting and for listening to music (so a 3.5mm would...
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    Looking for a good virtual stock exchange game...

    Hi guys, my vacations are currently on and so I was looking for a good virtual stock exchange game. Does anyone know of a good one? Thanks.
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    Which software is this???

    I found this image on some site, does anyone know what software is that? Or is it Media Player? Looks really cool.
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    Which GFX card to play 1080p???

    Hi, I have a P4 3.0 GHz CPU and onboard graphics from ATI and 1GB of RAM. Im having problems playing 1080p videos on it, so I have decided to get a basic video card to help me play these videos. Im not much of a gamer, and it would be great if I could have a smooth Windows Vista and 7...
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    When is going to be launched? Amazon has already launched a website for China!! It has some really attractive pricing. It would be great to have some online store as good as Amazon for India as most of the online stores at the present are not up to the mark...
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    Digit Subscription renewal ..???

    My subscription ended last November. And now I noticed that the cost of the mag increased to 150 so has the cost for renewal of the subscription increased too? Also can I still renew my subscription as it ended about 4 months ago? Thanks.
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