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  1. saROMan

    questions regarding C2Q Q9550 & Phenom 2 1090t

    exactly, crossing my fingers & hoping someone has one in working condition Sent from my POCO M2 Pro using Tapatalk
  2. saROMan

    questions regarding C2Q Q9550 & Phenom 2 1090t

    not much interested in c2q... after checking specs 1090t is still way better then modern ix series Sent from my POCO M2 Pro using Tapatalk
  3. saROMan

    questions regarding C2Q Q9550 & Phenom 2 1090t

    i had previously build two gaming pc's first with q9550 with e0 stepping and other with phenom ii x6 1090t. intel had abit ip35e mobo & 2x1gb ocz extreme + 2x2gb gskill pie DDR2 ram. when it died i build phenom ii x6 1090t black edition and Asus m4a88td-m evo mobo & corsair vengeance 4x4gb ddr3...
  4. saROMan

    [Want to Buy] c2q q9550 lga 775 motherboard + 880g mobo for x6 1090t black edition

    both my mobo are kaput, here are the details of motherboard i am looking for: 1} lga 775 ddr 2 motherboard for intel core 2 quad q9550 e0 processor 2} amd 880g am3 motherboard for x6 1090t black edition ddr3 motherboard location : Mumbai
  5. saROMan

    Radeon 4850+CM 690+450 w PSU

    I have a CM 460W Xtreme PSU under warranty.. let me know
  6. saROMan

    Brand New Antec Sonata III on Sale

    LOL Dude..u specifically Metioned Kolkota you got 1 from kolkota ..if you are Looking for a Buyer from else where I am intrested...PM me your Price...and Also the Shipping cost ...
  7. saROMan

    How to Burn 4 Movies on 1 DVD

    Dude i have never Tried it found a Excellent Tutorial for Adding Subtitles ..Chk it out
  8. saROMan

    How to Burn 4 Movies on 1 DVD

    See told ya..there are more advanced Options to do so..just tryin to show the Basic Method...for n00bs Like me ;-)
  9. saROMan

    Looking for a Cheap PCIEx Card

    So 7800 GTX wont be able to Handle Vista ??it wont be able to handle Vista as good as 8600 ??? My Basic Intention is simple "Get the Best in what you can spend least" i Aint much fond of Vista ..I have created the Very Basic Rig and will Move on the Ladder..but it will take time
  10. saROMan

    Looking for a Cheap PCIEx Card

    One Last Help ......I have finally Decided to go for Palit 8600 GT at 4K+ ...BUT....just came to know that a 7800GTX is available for around same price now i am in a Fix ...should i go for Spanky New DX10 Card ..or a older DX9 Card .....Well one of my Friend suggested that "Its better to...
  11. saROMan

    How to Burn 4 Movies on 1 DVD

    Well I have a PC with C2D+ 2Gb guess if startting from Scratch...with in 2-3 Hrs i have the Final Copy of 4-in-1 DVD in hand..will try to go for 8-10 OR may be 14 in 1 DVD ..and let you all know the Results :D
  12. saROMan

    How to Block Website without any Software

    well ddnt knew about it..and works great for me..tryed opening with IE/Opera/GreenBrowser..etc .....It Works ...Thx a lot
  13. saROMan

    How to Burn 4 Movies on 1 DVD i was visiting my Local CD Wallah and saw some DVD's with 2-4-7 Even 14 Movies on 1 DVD ...that Ticked me to Do some thing i Turned to My First & Best Resource GOOGLE ....and Found many Diff ways ..all Too Complicated ...and none up to the Mark ...SO Started R&D ...tryed many...
  14. saROMan

    Looking for a Cheap PCIEx Card I have Narrowed down my Search to Following ... Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO 256MB Approx Rs 3K+ Sapphire Radeon X550 512MB Approx Rs. 3K+ Palit 8600GT 256 MB GDDR3 Approx 4K + Leadtek GF8600GT 256MB Approx 4.5K+ So Any Suggestions Guys which 1 sud i go for???
  15. saROMan

    how to burn 3-4 movies in a single DVD have seen lot of fuss about Bruning 3-4 Movies on 1 DVD..but after Intense Googeling..cudnt find a Proper tryed doing R&D ...and Volla ..yes It is possible to 3-4 Movies on a DVD...hell you can Burn 8-10-14 Movies on a DVD...(Provided how much you are Ready to sacrifice on the...
  16. saROMan

    Orkut is Banned!!!!!

    well it can be "W32.USBWorm virus " but the Simptom you get are different .. any ways try this Open the run command and type C:\heap41a and press enter IF it Opens a Folder then delete all the contents in the Folder ... Search for heap41a in the registry by using the find command You...
  17. saROMan

    Looking for a Cheap PCIEx Card

    Hmm...well did some search ..and amazingly found a Leadtek 8600GT 512 MB GDD2 Card for 89$ ...thats approx 3.5+ K ...on ...but its DDR2 ...well...guess 8500 is let me check the Current Price of 8600 DDR3 wit Rashi and my Local Vendor ....BTW can any one suggest me a good...
  18. saROMan

    how to see when the PC was last used?

    Hmm ... Try these : 1) go to Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Event Viewer. Check the various logs and you can get an idea when it was last started etc 2)If you just want to know when it was last booted, open a command prompt and type: net statistics workstation Hope it Helps ...
  19. saROMan

    Help With Pictures

    Yup one of the best ... Just download/install ... Open irfan view on Batch (Shortcut B) ...Browse 2 the folder ..add on Advance Options around the size of image ...Resolution etc ..and Hit Start Batch/Convert Button..and all images will be...
  20. saROMan

    Looking for a Cheap PCIEx Card

    haha...well after spending approx 50K on a New Bike..i guess i can safely assume 18-20 K as a Fortune ;) ... anyways ... any ways 8600GT seems a Fiscible option ...but will have to check the Price @ my Place.... have chkd ... 8500GT @ 512 MB is available @ 3K .....hmm now i am very much...
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