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  1. abhi.eternal

    Feedback required: Video game rental ideas

    Hi guys. First a small prelude. Many of us love video games but cannot afford to buy the latest titles due to their high prices. So we have decided to invest from our profits from a separate business and bring a tear of joy to all you tight-pocketed gamers out there. We are planning to launch...
  2. abhi.eternal

    Need your review for Bangalore website

    People, this is a project I am currently working on and I need your help. I want you guys to review and critique the website. Please let me know if you like or dislike something.. anything. When I remove the 'beta' tag, I want it to be (almost) perfect. Please click on the image to check...
  3. abhi.eternal

    Patent blog - Need feedback!

    Hi. Me and my friend launched a blog related to Intellectual Property. My friend is a Patent Analyst and we could not actually find anything like this when she was studying for her course, hence we came up with the idea. It is just the beginning but we would really love your feedback and...
  4. abhi.eternal

    Suggest: VFM External TV Tuner

    I have a pretty old computer and don't have a TV! Now I want to get a TV Tuner so that I could watch sports and those odd TV shows. I want an external one but it should not cost me much. Please suggest the best VFM tuner that I can get in Bangalore. If the tuner has some extra features, better :)
  5. abhi.eternal

    Why to do SAP?

    I am interested in SAP, but am not sure exactly what it is. I tried to check online and found out that there are many sub-categories (or something like that). I have already decided to go to a SAP center for counseling on Saturday but it would help if I knew beforehand what exactly it is. If...
  6. abhi.eternal

    Need professional career help : PG

    My gf completed her MSc (Bio-Tech) and is now working in EnY. She wanted to take up IPR but Intellecture , one of the best training providers in India, said it is a bad idea as hardly anyone gets through in the first attempt and usually needs more than three attempts. She has become...
  7. abhi.eternal

    Career help needed - Non Tech!

    My friend has done her MSc in Bio-Tech this year. Currently, she is working in an international firm where she does taxes for others (its not as bad as it sounds! actually her job is pretty cool with a decent salary). However, she is not interested in continuing there. She thought of taking up...
  8. abhi.eternal

    Rate My Creation.. again!!

    After the overwhelming response I got from my first rate-me thread, I decided to showcase all of my work with you guys. I would like to know how much I have improved as a designer and if you think I am ready to enter professional lobby... BTW, I am still a learner! I am providing the links of my...
  9. abhi.eternal

    WTH: IRCTC Reservation

    well, i m so angry i am not in the mood to describe the whole story :x anyway, you can understand what happened what happened from the following email i send to irctc: i am waiting for a reply. don't know when i will receive one! :x
  10. abhi.eternal

    ICC Women's World Cup 2009

    Well, a WC is going and I am surprised that there is no thread related to it! Heck, I was unable to see the inaugural match between India and Pakistan as I don't think there was any live broadcast or may be my cable operator did not show it (they might have thought the the highlights of Aussies...
  11. abhi.eternal

    .com or .me?

    i want a TLD for myself. now, i am in a fix that whether should i go for or! i initially wanted but later scrapped the idea as i might move out and then i may want to change the domain, so better make it a permanent one. please advise on what to choose as the rates...
  12. abhi.eternal

    Help!! Windows starts only in safe mode!

    my friend's laptop is not booting into windows normally, instead it is booting into safe mode automatically. even if i select start windows normally or last known good configuration, it still boots into safe mode only. i have tried system restore, clean boot but the problem is still there. now...
  13. abhi.eternal

    Google phone finally out... Its called G1

    Ok.. the google phone is finally released by T-Mobile. It is called the G1. Take a look:
  14. abhi.eternal

    iPod touch query

    I don't know if this the correct section to post this. If not, mods can move it to the right one ;) Now, my query. My friend is in US and I want him to get me a iPod Touch from there. I was checking the prices in the Apple Store and came across refurbished models. My dilemma is should I go for...
  15. abhi.eternal

    My new music collage wallpapers. Check 'em out!!

    Well, I had nothing to do, so I thought of Googling different artists pics. Then I thought of making a collage out of them. You can check out the wallpapers as my deviations. Here are the direct links: For normal screens. Click here for HD quality. For wide-screens. Click here for HD quality...
  16. abhi.eternal

    Avatar - The Last Airbender

    Love cartoons? Check this out. Avatar is aired on Nick at 4 AM (2episodes back 2 back) everyday... i don't know about other timings. The show’s simply amazing! One episode (or chapter) and you’ll be hooked (no pun intended!!).... and yes, you will hardly see a better ending. To visit...
  17. abhi.eternal

    Firefox 3 problem

    i am having three problems with Firefox 3. whenever i open the browser, i get a message window saying "Trying to load non-local URI". only on clicking next or closing the message box i can go to the main Firefox window. second problem is when i am offline. when i get into Firefox (after that...
  18. abhi.eternal

    Review my website on Shillong & give your feedback and suggestions

    i finally uploaded my almost finished work on a website for Shillong, my hometown >> << I designed this site keeping international tourists on mind. Please give your feedback on the design and layout of the site and also suggestions on how it can be improved. also if you can...
  19. abhi.eternal

    Dell Crystal Takes Home Best of CES Innovations Award 2008

    Take a look at the DELL Crystal Monitor. Now that's called design!!!
  20. abhi.eternal

    Moto Rokr E8 is this available in india? esp. bangalore? can i get it national market?!! i am in love with this phone ;)
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