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    How to connect 2 system with USB cable

    Hi, I do have a Desktop and laptop. Sometime i have to transfer big files in between I larger than mine available PD. I heard one of my friend was telling me can connect 2 system with USB cable and share files. Is anybody suggest me way to fix it ?
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    Looking Prestashop expert developer

    Hello, I do have prestashop site version 5.xx I want somebody who is well aware with prestashop to update to latest one and fix modules as some are custom too. Please leave me your chat id to have quick discussion.
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    Lenovo A-7000 PC internet issue

    Hi, I do have Lenove A-7000, I tried well known all hacks to connect PC internet to phone with USB cable but it is not helping. Is anybody can suggest me if you are succeed. Thanks
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    Need Paypal Amount.Payment in INR

    Hello, I am buying paypal balance only from reputed members .So if you want to sell please send me chat id. Please send me your chat id for quick deal. Payment will be done from ICICI,SBI,Bank of India Intenet Banking.If you don't have these bank support i can transfer by NEFT which may...
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    what is risk factor with Gtalk?

    hi Guys, as earlier i was cheat by yahoo messenger ..some hacker stole my account details while chatting and it was a great headache for me.. so here i want to know is there some risk factor with Gtalk also if yes how can we save currently i am using kaspersky internet security and...
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