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  1. Ankit Omar

    Anyone heard about Lyoness?

    Yes..I am using Lyoness from the last 3 months and I have a pretty decent experience till now. I do a lot of shopping and through lyoness I am able to get cashback upto 5% on selected products while the averages discount ranges from 1-2%. Flipkart, zotezo. fernsnpetals are few names...
  2. Ankit Omar

    General Query Best website for Buying Home Decor Products???

    The prices on pepperfry & fabfurnish seems a bit high as per my budget. Will surely check the other website mentioned by up. BTW Have you shopped anything from them( what about their refund/return policy in case product isn't to the standard as shown on website. - - - Updated - -...
  3. Ankit Omar

    Is Home Decor the next big thing in Ecommerce industry?

    E-commerce in India is on a boom and we can see many portals catering to Home Decor segment. With the electronics market segment getting saturated in coming years, all the major portals like Flipakrt, snapdeal, Amazon have already started to explore this market and capture the market share...
  4. Ankit Omar

    General Query Best website for Buying Home Decor Products???

    Hello all, I am looking forward to buy some home decor products for a special occasion in Novemeber. I have browsed through the major portals like Fabfurnish, Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, Flipkart but I am not able to decide myself on from where to buy. There seems to be some big difference in...
  5. Ankit Omar

    General Query Are Teleshopping products genuine?

    I recently purchased some products from Homeshop18 through Teleshopping and I have decided not to buy any product now from HS18. The product shown is way different from what they deliver you. I had no chhoice other than to return the products and It has been more than a month since I am trying...
  6. Ankit Omar

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    I am addicted to Pretty Lights' new single track ""Around the Block. Pretty Lights - Around The Block (Official Music Video) includes LG IPS UltraWide Monitors - YouTube
  7. Ankit Omar

    Do You Believe In Past Life?

    Ha! Ha! Good one! And I was chasing you! :lol:
  8. Ankit Omar

    Next Gen Console discussion ( PS4 'n Xbox One'n Wii U )

    I agree; lots of new things to learn here.
  9. Ankit Omar

    India’s first manned space flight trial in 2015

    If only good intentions could lead to good results. Seriously guys; has ISRO rocket technology reached that level of expertise to send and bring back a Astronaut without frying him/her up in the stratosphere? :oops:
  10. Ankit Omar

    Mobile under 18k

    Under your price range I'd suggest a couple of Sony's option. 1. Xperia J 2. Xpeia L 3. Xperia Ion - If you can increase your budget a little bit i.e. around 20k then this must be the best available model in class in terms of its price and features. Display of Ion is just outstanding, it...
  11. Ankit Omar

    Official Android discussion thread

    How fast the time has changed, this thread was started in 2009 and today we can see the Android phones all around us as a matter of just a phone. People are so easily investing their money in their phones, however with the equivalent amount one can buy a bike in India easily. BUT no, why buy...
  12. Ankit Omar

    Google India celebrating the country's first passenger rail journey.

    I agreed with @Vyom, Lets dedicate this thread to all the Google Doodles upcoming topics! I'd suggest from the owner to change the thread title as well.
  13. Ankit Omar

    google play launches movies in india

    Is there any significance of buying such movies from Google, it's sounding like kiddish to me:nanananana:
  14. Ankit Omar

    Smartphones 'as addictive as cocaine'

    I'd say it's not all about smartphones though, it's getting enthusiastic because of social network platforms. Day by Day new networking apps are coming which let the people engaged with their smartphones. BUT whatever I am totally agree with the title line of this thread!
  15. Ankit Omar

    LG announces OLED TV launch for UK!

    Finally after South Korea launch company plans ahead to move to other states and the next launch has been announced for UK in July. LG 55-inch OLED TV launching in July, costs £10,000 | CNET UK Are you guys curious for its launch in India?
  16. Ankit Omar

    BlackBerry Z10 Thread

    Re: BlackBerry Z10 launched in India for Rs 43,490 look wise its front appearance is pretty similar to iPhone 5 the slim design n all, but i don't like its back panel looks so cheap as COMPARE to BB standards.
  17. Ankit Omar

    Flipkart increases the minimum order amount for free shipping to Rs. 500

    Better to avoid shopping less than INR-500 till the time it's really important to shop online. Though for expensive or say purchase beyond Rs. 500 this postal is still commendable.
  18. Ankit Omar

    need immediate help in buying 32 inch 3d tv please

    To be very general I would suggest you LG LM6410, this model has got inbuilt WI-Fi which would be definitely helpful if you are looking ahead to use this TV as a computer monitor too. Furthermore, if I talk about LM6200 then of course LM6400 or LM6410 have an edge over LM6200. As far as Sony...
  19. Ankit Omar

    LG announces a 27" personal Smart TV.

    I like this LG smart TV and would definitely prefer buying it over a 21-inches PC monitor anytime. However, the next question that comes to mind is about its price tag? Any information about its launch in India?
  20. Ankit Omar

    LG 2013 line up models vs Sony 2013 line up models.

    Well I believe that the decision of switching to passive 3d technology for their future smart 3D TVs was quite tough for a well known brand like Sony who is considered a rival of LG. But now if they have decided to come up with passive 3d tech and will definitely launch their passive ready...
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