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  1. rahul_c

    Web Development From Scratch

    I am a 1st year engineering student (CS) and I want to make my own professional website. Being a complete newbie I have no idea or prerequisite knowledge about HTML, CSS, JAVA, etc. Can anyone guide me from where to begin? Following are the queries that concerns me - 1) HTML, HTML5, CSS...
  2. rahul_c

    [Query] Dell walk in service centre

    What is the usual amount of time does servicing of a laptop takes? My laptop has this problem -
  3. rahul_c

    Issues after virus epidemic

    My laptop recently suffered from a virus, avast removed it but these problems still exist - 1. Unable to pin programs to task bar - There is no option to pin a program, neither while running nor in the shortcut. I am aware this is due to some missing registry thingy, help. 2. This one is is...
  4. rahul_c

    Mysterious mark on laptop screen

    I've a Dell Vostro 1510 which has a matte screen. I have used collin to clean the screen ever since I have bought it, that will be around 3 yrs and never faced any issues. But now there is a spot on the screen which is not going away. I have attached a pic, please help me out guys.
  5. rahul_c

    Importance of board exams.

    I'm a below average student and scored 63% in 10th (CBSE-08) and 56% in 12th (CBSE-12). I've joined a private college this yr, but I can't help wondering how much my low percentages and 2 yr gap are going to affect my future ahead. If hypothetically I start doing great in college will my bad...
  6. rahul_c

    Graphic Era University, Dehradun

    How is this college? Recently went there, the campus and staff were very nice. But the fee is very high! Tuition fees alone is ~1.8 lakhs per annum. I dont want to end up loosing all my dad's savings and be job less after graduation. I got CSE, but not sure if it will be worth it. Last yr...
  7. rahul_c

    µTorrent Parameters

    I've a old computer with broadband which I use for downloading torrents. Whenever I restart that computer, the state of torrent changes from 'downloading' or 'queue' to ERROR. I've to force them to re-check and restart again. This is time wasting, so I've figured out a feature under...
  8. rahul_c

    Future of Architects

    I'm confused b/w doing engineering or architecture, I have few queries: >Is scope of architecture as good as engineering, considering lack of interest of people in architecture? >What salories do architects earn? >Isn't similar to civil branch of engineering?
  9. rahul_c

    Poor student, career options.

    I am a below average student just appeared for 12th this year, I think I will not be able to clear Math exam. Just to get my head clear, I want to know what are my options if I fail or get compartment? If I fail I think I will have to do a diploma, how bad is it to do diploma. I was thinking of...
  10. rahul_c

    Scratched screen!

    So I went to a local mobile shop to laminate my mobile screen, the stupid f**ker did it all wrong. He somehow created a big-@$$ scratch in screen border from his blade! :banghead: I found it today when I removed the lamination! So now my phone look shitty from front. :mad: I was thinking of...
  11. rahul_c

    Who to follow on twitter?

    I just started using twitter regularly, besides celebrities whom do you consider must to follow?
  12. rahul_c

    Bricked my LG Optimus Net!

    I have bricked my phone-LG Optimus Net P690! All I get is LG logo coming and going in loop. I somehow got into emergency mode, what should I do? I just clicked on 'backup current ROM', I didn't even replaced my original ROM! Please help my dad is going to kill me, its just a week old phone...
  13. rahul_c

    Battery Life Finished?

    My 3 yr old Dell Vostro 1510 is showing a battery error, even though battery is functioning normal as of now but backup has reduced to ~1 hr. I am worried about abrupt shut downs. Should I change the battery? Till how long will the battery last?
  14. rahul_c

    Backup Software

    I need a software with whom I can backup folders but not actually sync them. I download stuff on my internal HDD watch it and copy it on a external HDD. The problem for me is most software offer to sync the content of both hard disks. I dont need that I just want it to include new files without...
  15. rahul_c

    Alternate Data Card Software

    I am using unlocked IDEA Net Setter (Huawei E1550) and the default software used for connecting is very annoying. I have tried MDMA but it misses out on essential features like SMS and contacts managing, is there any other similar software to monitor data usage, manage contacts & check messages?
  16. rahul_c

    Deleted partition using ubuntu!

    I was trying out the Ubuntu 10.10 from live USB, I found it OK and decided to install it along with Windows. Everything was fine until partitioning page came up. I selected manual/advanced options and re-sized one of my partition. The process was taking too long so I stupidly clicked quit! Now...
  17. rahul_c

    Speed limited on BSNL 3G

    From the last 2 days my speed has dropped to 380 kbps, I am using 6 month ul plan which is going to expire in july. Is this network problem or BSNL is reducing speed limits?
  18. rahul_c

    24x7 always on laptop

    I have a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop which I am using extremely 8-) since couple of weeks (mostly for downloading), it is always plugged in and running mostly. I was just wondering how much impact its going to have on the laptop life. I make sure it screen is off and lid is closed also I had...
  19. rahul_c

    BSOD again!

    I was getting multiple blue screens on my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, to make sure I didnt have any software issues I formatted the entire HDD. But today I got it again! Is there any way to get rid of them? I have attached the log files(RAR archive renamed for uploading) it consists of two files...
  20. rahul_c

    1 TB External HDD for 4K

    I am looking for a external HDD with capacity of 1 TB, physical size doesn't matter. Do 3.5 form factor external HDD have adapter problems?Can these branded external HDD upgraded manually?
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