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    Lenovo A-7000 PC internet issue

    My brother has HTC 820 and it has function to connect PC internet by USB cable just on 1 click. Anyway thanks, but have to check in more detail.
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    How to connect 2 system with USB cable

    Sorry i am confuse here, We need to create bridge connection in between 2 system without router/external card. Can you please brief how to do so?
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    Payment Gateways

    My suggestion use EBS ( EBS - Payment Gateway India, Merchant Account and Credit Card Processin ) professional guys and paypal also can enable within their system.
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    How to connect 2 system with USB cable

    Do you mean RJ 45 connector and connect by Ethernet port ? I think for this we require external network card , isn't ? Then only can setup Lan connection
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    How to connect 2 system with USB cable

    Thanks for information.But when we check economic part make it unuseful. Coz only cable cost comes around 900 which is equal to 64GB PD. Pros: Can use if date is much time as double copy paste in PD. Cons: PD can be more handy and easy to carry, if data temporary.
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    best antivirus out there

    I will vouch for ESET Internet Security. Light and quite effective for all protection.
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    How to connect 2 system with USB cable

    Hi, I do have a Desktop and laptop. Sometime i have to transfer big files in between I larger than mine available PD. I heard one of my friend was telling me can connect 2 system with USB cable and share files. Is anybody suggest me way to fix it ?
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    Lenovo A-7000 PC internet issue

    Thanks , i will check . But still require a suggestion: When we buy new phone under connection /connectivity what option should we check to be ensure that will work PC internet on phone with USB cable.
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    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Sanam re...most of time on my lips ;)
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    I face very weird issue with my connection. My net works perfectly when power supply from electric office but it get disconnect as power disconnect and works on inverter. My inverter is signwave so no power fluctuation. Even ADSL keep blink till power not restore from pole. Could you guys...
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    Looking Prestashop expert developer

    Hello, I do have prestashop site version 5.xx I want somebody who is well aware with prestashop to update to latest one and fix modules as some are custom too. Please leave me your chat id to have quick discussion.
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    Lenovo A-7000 PC internet issue

    Hi, I do have Lenove A-7000, I tried well known all hacks to connect PC internet to phone with USB cable but it is not helping. Is anybody can suggest me if you are succeed. Thanks
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    Need Paypal Amount.Payment in INR

    My bed luck..Nobody want to sell.
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    Need Paypal Amount.Payment in INR

    Hello, I am buying paypal balance only from reputed members .So if you want to sell please send me chat id. Please send me your chat id for quick deal. Payment will be done from ICICI,SBI,Bank of India Intenet Banking.If you don't have these bank support i can transfer by NEFT which may...
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    Forum Improvement Suggestions

    Hello! I know this may be not right place to ask but i don't know why i am not able to create any post.Getting this message How can i get ability to make post. Next who all are the admins and how to contact them? Please guide me. Thanks
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    Introduce yourselves

    hello myself ASHISH, I am trying to create a new post but always show me this "ashishtabla, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone...
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    what is risk factor with Gtalk?

    actually it was happen long back and after that i mostly ignore chat over i don't have record.pls share some suggest about Gtalk security or about risk factor.. thx
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    what is risk factor with Gtalk?

    hmm..i also think Gtalk is more secure..but pls let me know is there also chance to get hacked if yes how can we protect yourself.. and what is more secure chat from Gtalk software or from web chat? looking for more advise. thx for reply
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    what is risk factor with Gtalk?

    hi Guys, as earlier i was cheat by yahoo messenger ..some hacker stole my account details while chatting and it was a great headache for me.. so here i want to know is there some risk factor with Gtalk also if yes how can we save currently i am using kaspersky internet security and...
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