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  1. Manshahia

    Sending pics frm n73 to yahoomail. .

    How to?
  2. Manshahia

    wifi blocked after 3 mins..

    my college is providing Wi-fi facility in which they provide every student a username and password to access internet.. but after 2-3 mins we have to again enter the username and password to access otherwise a window of some software pops up and asks us to enter the username and password...
  3. Manshahia

    disabling USB ports..

    is there any way i can disable the ports in windows XP so that whenever a USb device is plugged the system doesnt detects it..?
  4. Manshahia

    suggest some adrenaline pumping songs...

    As i go for running alone i get bored .. and dont have that much collection of fast songs.. can u guys please suggest some good adrenaline pumping songs? 1.English 2.hindi 3.punjabi
  5. Manshahia

    connecting two computers to share internet...

    Guys i want to connect two computers placed in two separate rooms to access internet on both at the same time... Both the systems are arnd 22 feet away frmo each other... Both the systems hav inbuilt N/w cards.. which is the hardware i will need to connect both of them? thanx..
  6. Manshahia

    help me buying shades..

    need shades while driving bike(pulsar) to protect my eyes from dust and air.. as i dont hav much knowledge abt these can u plz suggest me some models?? budget is arnd 1k-2k...
  7. Manshahia

    problem with mobile's back cover...

    i m havin N73 M and the problem is that when i write a msg the backcover of the fone makes a lot of noise... the back cover is pressed by the fingers while holding it... and it is more pressurized while typing a msg... also the back cover slides a bit downwards at the bottom.. means its...
  8. Manshahia

    wat does this error means and how can i get rid of this...

    just installed autopatcher jun 2007 and updated windows.. now when i open "My computer", a messagebox pops up sayin " to use sharing folders, you need to sign into windows live messenger.. it happens everytime i open this.. this is very annoying as i have to click ok everytime.. how can i...
  9. Manshahia

    how to back up Nokia 6708 contacts??

    Can anyone plz help me in getttin backup of Nokia 6708.. need the sol urgently..
  10. Manshahia

    Yahoo go not working...

    I hav N 73 ME and Mobile office activated on it... Yesterday i downloaded yahoo go on it and installed successfully.. but when i try to login it says login failed and the code it gives is [-33]... can anyone help me out of this?
  11. Manshahia

    hows tata indicom's internet device?

    guys anyone used that?? hows the speed?
  12. Manshahia

    N73 ME's camera crashes...

    guys i hav got a problem in my mobile fone's camera.. when i try to capture a pic, the camera crashes and then after showing the main screen again comes back. wat cud b the problem.. also when i open the back cover for capturing, the camera takes a lot of time to open..
  13. Manshahia

    Broadband in Two Rooms..?

    I m living in a rented room.. And the person living in the next room is having a broadband connection.. I was thinking if we can share the broadband.. Is it possible ? Wat wud b the requirements?? the distance between the computers is around 15 Feet..
  14. Manshahia

    How is this done in photoshop?

    i want to that how can this type of editing b done in Photoshop.. if anyone can point out a link to tutorial or suggest a buk i wud b vry tankful :D than...
  15. Manshahia

    howz N76?

    mah frnd wants to go for N76... can any1 plz tell the cons and pros of N76?
  16. Manshahia

    anybdy to help wid Compaq presario V6111

    I havng Compaq Presario V6111 and i hav lost mah Recovery DVD's.. I need the DVD's Desperately.. So anybdy to help out there? I wud b very thankful to you..
  17. Manshahia

    N 91 (8 Gb) V/s N 73 Me

    Which one is better? i hav heard frm a dealer that nokia is giving a scheme in which they hav reduced the Price of N 91 (8 GB) to arnd 15-16K.. CAn anyone verify tat? I want to purchs one of them.. can u plz suggest the best?
  18. Manshahia

    Do You believe in Horoscope?

    Guys do u beleive in horoscopes, Janam Patris, Pandits etc??
  19. Manshahia

    How can we remove Poverty from the country?

    How can we remove poverty from our country totally??
  20. Manshahia

    Suggestions for Inspirational Books...

    I m free these days with nothing to do.. Can u guys plz suggest me some inspirational books?? Like this post is pretty inspirational..
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