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  1. Kev.Ved

    Wi-Fi Only Tab

    Please suggest a budget (6k) wi-fi only tablet. Purchase is intended for parent. Usage is only limited to accessing the web. Thanks in advance!
  2. Kev.Ved


    sheer non sense
  3. Kev.Ved

    bsnl broadband complaint link url

    U need to call them
  4. Kev.Ved

    Getting frequent dc MTNL mumbai

    It is common.
  5. Kev.Ved

    Need help - Broadband in Bangalore

    Airtel BB works well in Koramangala which is close to Adugodi
  6. Kev.Ved

    3G on BSNL mobile

    Just call BSNL self care
  7. Kev.Ved

    needed help regarding home landline network

  8. Kev.Ved

    how to Set up file Sharing wirelessly???

    Visit such self help sites & then ask forums
  9. Kev.Ved

    How to know the max speed capability of wifi adapter

    Lot of difference between theoretical & actual speeds boss.
  10. Kev.Ved

    gen query on wifi security by ISPs

    It is user specific and not related to ISP. Mods please have a check on these type of threads.
  11. Kev.Ved


    Mods please check this thread & have it removed.
  12. Kev.Ved

    which course good for me in networking field..

    For beginners it is best to get certified in CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate. It covers all basic networking, switching & routing concepts. Certification is valid for 3 years from the date of clearing.
  13. Kev.Ved

    Which specialization to choolse in MBA

    HR is the perfect option
  14. Kev.Ved

    samsung galaxy s 4 with 4g LTE

    If there is no proper 4G implementation in India, what will you do looking for using 4G LTE on this device?
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