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  1. pra_2006

    TP Link Nano Wifi TL-WN725N 'Can't connect to this network'

    hi i recently bought this nano wifi to connect internet from my wifi router and it was working fine but since yesterday its just not connecting to my wifi and says cannot connect but its connecting to other devices like my mobile when i open hotspot and i reinstalled the driver but the same...
  2. pra_2006

    Help Regarding Team Viewer

    hello friends i want help in Team Viewer, can u guys tell me how can i hide my Firefox Browser from Team Viewer so that i can show only desktop and my computer, i dont want my browsers to show as i type users ids and password or other works thankyou, help will be really appreciated. waiting for...
  3. pra_2006

    Asus Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR5 for 2,500

    - Gigantic 1GB GDDR5 delivers incredible gaming performance - ASUS exclusive Dust-Proof Fan: dissipate heat efficiently while expending lifespan by 25%. - GPU Guard: Doubles structural reinforcement. Cracks free! - Fuse Protection technology: Delivers double the over-current protection for...
  4. pra_2006

    Need Advice for Mobile Budget 18,500

    hi friend please advice me to buy which cell in 18,500 i am thinking to buy Grand 2 is it okay or suggest me any other in the same budget please i am so much confused
  5. pra_2006

    Android or Belle ?? PLZ Suggest

    hello experts i want help as i am stuck between Nokia 500 or Motorola FIRE XT both are priced at 9000 pls suggest which one should i buy between them or tell me some other good handset with 5mp camera and under 9k
  6. pra_2006

    How to Activate Airtel MO WHILE ROAMING ???

    Hi anyone can pls tell me how to activate Airtel Mobile Office Service i have prepaid connection of New Delhi with lifetime validity and i have no plans to go back delhi for 8 months right now i am in lucknow when i dial 121 nothing happens and gets disconnect plz help and reply fast
  7. pra_2006

    [Spoiler Alert] Good News for JOHN CENA fans

    I remember when he got injured i said dont worry he will make his comeback with a BANG and i was right he made his return shockingly and suprisly at Royal Rumble and winning the Royal Rumble match beating HHH i am so much happy :) what u guys say
  8. pra_2006

    How to use Idea Internet on PC ??

    Hi friends i am from Lucknow and using Idea Prepaid Service with lifetime plan on my Nokia N73ME mostly i use Idea Fresh Gprs on my cell but i want to surf on my PC i have done all settings on my PC and connect it using Idea Internet but whenever i try to connect it shows me this error Error...
  9. pra_2006

    Need Drivers for VISTA Help PLZ

    hi anyone can pls tell me from where can i get drivers for windows Vista of Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1,Pinncale PCTV PRO i have searched in web site but its not there
  10. pra_2006

    SELL - Nokia N70 Music Edition

    PLS Close this Thread i have selled it now cant wait here becauz no one is interested and replying me
  11. pra_2006

    Need DVD Copying Help

    hi i have Sony DRU820-A DVD Writer and LG DVD ROM i have some DVD movies whenever i copy them in my PC it say ' Cannot copy Data error (cyclic redundancy check) ' what is the problem ? pls reply me fast
  12. pra_2006

    Need Help in Buying New Processor & MOBO

    hi friends i am from New Delhi i want to buy a new system for most Gaming and DVD movies and i am thinking of buying - Intel Pentium D 945 3.4Ghz Dual Core 800MHz FSB 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 EM64T Processor and Intel DG965RY Motherboard with Core2Duo Support i want to know will this MOBO support...
  13. pra_2006

    LCD Monitors Help URGENT

    hi friends i am going a buy a new LCD monitor for my PC so i want to know is there any LCD Monitor available which also supports cable so if i want to see any channel i can see it or when i want to use my PC i can use it pls reply me fast with model number and price and it should be not too much...
  14. pra_2006

    Need Help in Game CRASHING URGENT !

    hi i have big problem in playing games the problem is when ever i play Cricket 07 ,FIFA 07 and Half-Life 2 Episode one in my PC all games getting hang very badly and alt+ctrl+del is not working pls help whats the problem with it my system is Pentium 4 2.8 HT 800 865motherboard , 1gb ddr 400 ram...
  15. pra_2006

    Anyway to use Hutch or Airtel on Nokia 6265 CDMA?

    hi friends i want to know is there anyway to use hutch or airtel sim card in Nokia 6265 pls reply me fast its urgent
  16. pra_2006

    Any One Got N70 Music Edition?

    hi friends i want to know the price of nokia n70 Music Edition and is it available in new delhi ?
  17. pra_2006

    Some Secret CODES for Nokia Cell Phones

    hi friends i got this from one web site i thought to share with u so here it is - Here are some nokia mobile secret codes that i came accross.I found them to be working. But try them at your own risk *3370# This Nokia code activates Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your Nokia cell...
  18. pra_2006

    Nokia N70 Problem after Updatin FIRMWARE

    hi friends today i have sucessfully updated my Nokia N70 to V. 5.0638.3.0.1 from this site but now i got really serious problem i cant connect it to my pc through usb cable can any tell me what is the problem pls reply me fast
  19. pra_2006

    VOB to AVI Converter

    hi guys anyone can tell me which is the best VOB to AVI converter pls reply fast
  20. pra_2006

    Pinnacle PCTV PRO Help

    hi friends i have Pinnacle PCTV PRO the problem is whenever i start it the sound of WAVE/MP3 and LINE-IN gets low automatically in sound control can anyone pls tell me what is the problem my sound card is Creative 5.1 sound blaster i am using Windows XP Sp2 pls reply fast
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