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  1. sujithtom

    Non bootable DVD RW Drive-Plz Help

    I wanna install some Linux Distros through bootable DVDs i got with a magazine. The prob is that my DVD Writer (Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A) is not being shown in the list of bootable devices in the BIOS. I also have a CD-ROM and probably this DVD RW might have been installed as a 'slave' drive. Is...
  2. sujithtom

    The Ultimate Firefox Guide

    Hi guys. Actually I wrote this guide for my blog.You can find the orginal version there Contents History Tweaks and Cutomisation * Using Software * Editing the Browser Internals Extensions Themes -------------------------------------------- History (For those who care…)...
  3. sujithtom

    Windows Blinds 5 wanna keep rebooting!!

    Well I have a Windows Blinds 5.x (the one which was discontinued after the request from MS :) ). I had installed it earlier many times. Today i tried to install it but after installing it shows tht computer must reboot to use WB. When I reboot it shows same thing. No matter how much i reboot...
  4. sujithtom

    Downloading to a server

    Is there any methos by which I can download a prticular file fto a server instead of my computer assuming that i have full adminstartive powers on tht server? If it can be done, can it be used on rapidshare, megaupload and such sites also?
  5. sujithtom

    Windows Firewall disabled. How to enable it?

    My Windows firewall was automaticly disabled after installing avast Antivirus. Later I uninstalled it and when I try to enable it, it pops out the following error.. But when I try to open Windows Firewall settings through Control anel another error is shown: Any solutions???
  6. sujithtom


    I have two queries about UT 2004. 1) Can I install mods and additional packs on the demo version of UT 2004?? 2) How can i use the adrenaline after i get 100 adrenaline. I mean whats the key combination. Plz reply fast....
  7. sujithtom

    Sony or Samsung

    I am gonna buy DVD writer and I have two options in front of me, The cheaper Samsung (Rs 2900) or Sony (Rs 3400). Both supports Dual Layer. Which one should i buy? Is Sony better than Samsung in reducing reading errors? Plz help me.
  8. sujithtom

    How to save streaming videos.

    I lately have a great desire to watch the news offered by BBC and other providers, but they only provide streaming videos. How can i save them to my hard disk to view it later?
  9. sujithtom

    I need to access Yahoo IM from my mobile

    I have seen many ppl showing of I am on mobile in Yahoo IM. I too want to do the same thing. I am currently using Idea! and it has a feature called Yahoo IM but they cost me Rs. 7 per min (Evil). Is there any free alternative?? My Mobile is N-Gage QD (uses Symbian OS)
  10. sujithtom

    Sudoku: The game. My first game.

    Hi guys. I made a game of Sudoku in C. It is my first working game :D and i made it for my school exhibition. I got the idea from someone eho made Sudoku in Java and posted here. Whoever he is thanks for the help he unknowingly had done to me ;-) Link to the exe for Sudoku the game...
  11. sujithtom

    Taking screenshots from movies

    Hello guys, I wanna take screenies from movies. But when ever i press Print screen in many players and past it, just a black space comes where the picture should have been. Is there any software which will help me?
  12. sujithtom

    Changing Flash's page size

    When ever i select New from Files in Flash 5, a default sized page opens (i think 800x600) How can i change its size?. If it is not possible in Flash 5 is it possible in Flash MX?
  13. sujithtom

    IBM develops chip capable of slowing light speed

  14. sujithtom

    Voice Converter. Is there any??

    I want a software which will convert a natural recorded voice to a robotic voice (like the compter song of Venga Boyz). Is there any such software? If so can u tell me from where to download it. P.S No spamming plz. Don't say to google it because i have already done it.
  15. sujithtom

    Broadband prices may fall further-Rediff

    Source: Why are they trying to reduce cost now?? If u ask me now they should try to spread it throughout India and broadband must reach even in remote villages.
  16. sujithtom

    HCL & AMD unveils PC for Rs 9990

    Source: If u pay Rs 11240 u will get Windows XP starter edition. The one desgined to fool Indians. Who needs them yuck :P
  17. sujithtom

    Google delares war on Microsoft!!!

    Source: Slashdot Google builds an empire to rival Microsoft Follow the link to read complete articles (Source Google builds an empire to rival Microsoft:
  18. sujithtom

    Which Port

    How can i detect the port a device is currently connected to?? I tried Device manager but its saying the wrong ports if ever it specifies
  19. sujithtom

    Notebook that costs Rs 4200 or much less!!!

    I am surprised to see that no one posted abt this yet. Its all over the net, news and newspapers. Digit forum let me down for the first time. Anyways ------------------------------------------------------------ Source: Sadly enough they don't have any plans to release it in India now :cry:
  20. sujithtom

    How can i add the updates to the Win XP setup cd

    I want to reinstall my Windows XP Pro(legal) but i don't want to lose all the updates i have done. Is there anyway to add those updates when i reinstall XP without downloading all files again ......
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