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  1. Jaxx89

    Which Power Bank to buy for mobile phone???

    Looking at portable chargers/power banks for my Samsung GS3 I've shortlisted a few but am really confused as to which one would be the best to buy. Portronics Charge X Mobile power bank Portronics Powerpack 4000 Cooler master Choiix C-2021-K1 Anker Astro 5600mAh Heavy gaming/video viewing on...
  2. Jaxx89

    HELP: Avermedia are thieves

    1.) I order Avermedia AverTV Satellite Trinity A707 from Tirupati enterprise(Avermedia Auth Distributors in India). Promised to get it in a month. 2.) No response to whether my order is processed an I will be getting it even after 2 months. Tirupati decides to stop responding completely 3.) I...
  3. Jaxx89

    Need Help to Build Core i7 Rig.

    Hey guys looking to build 2 Core i7 rigs and need some suggestions please. Ok here it goes. Core i7 920 processor 2.66GhZ Intel DX58SO motherboard. Corsair XMS3 TR3X3G1333C9 1GBx3 Tagan BZ1100 1100W PSU XFX GTX 260 896MB [ already bought] Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Case Oh and I dunno which...
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