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  1. Aditya11

    ac-Router with blinking LEDs to indicate the network activity

    Hi all. I need an ac-router whose front panel LEDs blink when there is download or any other data transfer activities going on. I purchased TP-LINK Archer C50 AC1200 four days back but it has static LEDs and I am going to return it, more so since the coverage isn't exactly great either...
  2. Aditya11

    Possible to connect SSD with two other HDDs?

    I have two internal HDDs: a 1TB and another 2TB. First HDD contains Win7 on C: as a primary OS and Win10 on D:. Second HDD is used for games, movies, music and stuff. I would like to add an additional SDD and transfer both OS's onto it. Is it possible to connect it while keeping both HDDs?
  3. Aditya11

    Z906- No sound from center and rear speakers

    Yesterday I purchased Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System and Asus Xonar DX Sound card. I have connected my PC with the speaker system using both 6-channel direct and S/PDIF TOSLINK cable. Problem is, I am NOT getting any sound from the center and rear speakers while playing music and movies (only...
  4. Aditya11

    CPU Overheating and Fan TOOOO noisy - Phenom II X4 975 BE

    Hello. I recently purchased a new rig mainly for gaming with following configuration (going by the Digit forum member's recommendations): AMD Phenom II X4 975 BE (965 wasn't available) Gigabyte 880GM USB 3 GSkill 4GB DDR3 RAM Zotac GTX560Ti 2GB Corsair GS600W CoolerMaster 431 Plus However...
  5. Aditya11

    [HELP] Windows Partition Corrupted

    Last night, I was playing Fallout: New Vegas on Win 7 32-bit with the latest nVidia drivers. There are numerous reports of the game’s bugginess, but I encountered only two CTDs...until…it crashed one more time and somehow managed to corrupt taskmanager.exe and then whole windows partition! PC...
  6. Aditya11

    Infected with Keyboard/Mouse!!

    Once the pc starts, this virus/worm/Trojan becomes active after some time. Then it shows following signs: 1. I can't drag and move any file/icon in explorer and on desktop 2. The forward movement key in most games (W) stops reacting or acts erratically 3. The mouse too, doesn't...
  7. Aditya11

    Cant Burn DVD's on LG Drive!

    Hi guys, I upgraded my pc a week ago and since then I am unable to write any dvd's! I can READ CD/DVD but unable to WRITE anything. I was using Nero 7 Ultra and even tried Deep Burner and in both cases whenever I click on the "Burn" button, the green light on the DVD writer flashes, no hdd...
  8. Aditya11

    High-End AGP Solution??

    Hi Guys. My beloved 6600GT (8x AGP) has died on me and wont get repaired. :( and I was in the middle of playing my fav game.for the time being, I am running the PC on FX5200 (as I do not have onboard graphics solution), but I absolutely cant seem to resist the idea of buying another gfx...
  9. Aditya11

    "Lost/Invisible" NTFS Partition recovery...Help!

    I have two HDD's with two partitions on each. Yesterday I re-installed Windows XP on the first HDD and to my horror XP detected only the first partition on second hdd...this 'lost' partition is NTFS and has about 30 GB of crucial data. In Disk Management too, it shows only the first partition...
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