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  1. Ecstasy

    Flash crashing/problem

    Hey, My flash is crashed or something. Whenever I play my youtube videos or any other site's videos the audio doesn't work. Video seems to be fine but the audio is creating a lot of problem. Is there anyway to rectify this? Any kind of help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Ecstasy

    Yey.. I got my new PC

    Hey guys, I have been dragging my poor old PC since 5 yrs so I thought enough is enough and I gotta buy a new PC now lol. So, I finally got my new baby. And the config is as follows.... P4 C2D E7400@2.8 G31 2Gb Transcend Ram 1x 160gb(samsung hdd) and 1x 320gb(seagate hdd) Nvidia 9400 gt(pure...
  3. Ecstasy

    Problem here, Gmail and Orkut account deleted

    Hey guys, Just today morning my gf's gmail account and orkut account got hacked and deleted. The problem is that she didn't put any secondary email address as well during account creation. I asked her to try to remember but she couln't as that her sister made it for her and even she doesn't...
  4. Ecstasy

    What's your in game name? (Urban Terror)

    Hey UTR players, Just post your in game name so that members can recognize each other. I will start with mine. [DF]VipER. And other members 'in game name' are mentioned below - cyborg47- cyborg47 gagandeep- -DF|mafia- <new name> Bullet500 <old name> Plasma_snake-...
  5. Ecstasy

    Notebook vs Netbook

    Hey, I don't know if this topic has already been discussed or not but atleast I couldn't find this thread. Anyway, I will be doing my MBA this year so I will be needing a laptop. But in today's age one will surely think about whether to buy a notebook or a netbook. Right now I'm in such a...
  6. Ecstasy

    Fedora 11 (Alpha) released...

    As the title says.. They are planning to release the full working version by the end of the May month.
  7. Ecstasy

    New threat from Muthalik "Ram sena"... bahhh

    Hello guys, This dude is on the front page yet again for the wrong reasons. This time he is threating our "amchi mumbai ki ladkiyon ko". This guy has the audacity to threaten other states girls as well now. Check it out ---> Source -Mumbai Mirror - Mumbai girls Ram Sene's new target, News -...
  8. Ecstasy

    Tomorrow Feb 15th CET exam!!

    Namaskar, Tomorrow Feb 15th is the CET exam so anyone appearing for it? I for one haven't prepared anything yet lol. Anyway, best of luck for your exams whoever is giving it.
  9. Ecstasy

    Installing Fed 10.. need guidance

    Installing Fedora 10.. need guidance Hey, Finally after getting bored with Win XP i decided to go with Fed 10. What i need from you guys is your guidance and tips on how to go about it, firstly installing. So here are some facts ----> I got 2 HDD and in 1 HDD there are 2 partitions so 'C'...
  10. Ecstasy

    Has anyone given the IELTS exam?

    I'm planning to give the IELTS exam by march. Has anyone given the exam here?
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