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  1. blackhole

    Lux Cojy or VIP

    Hellp friends, please help. I am unable to decide which to choode? I think VIP is better, but my firneds use Lux cosy and advise me to use the same. I am confused.:-( Also suggest some other if find it better than this 2. Also i see mod closing every stupod thred. please dont close this...
  2. blackhole

    PES 10 - Invisible ball Issue

    i play pes 10..ball is me plz
  3. blackhole

    sudo help

    ok i install ubuntu now when i try sudo apt-get install wine 4 window softwares it asks for passwrd...i enter passwrd but it doesnot appear...wht to do??????
  4. blackhole

    I new here

    hello freinds, i new here.i dont no much english,but i try hard.i wanted to know where i get the links to download game and of both kinds.
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