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    How much Power Supply?

    I have this config: C2D e4600 Intel dg43gt mobo 4 GB RAM (4 sticks) Seagate 1.5 TB + 500 GB + 250 gb pata 2 x LG DVDRAM RW SATA Radeon 5770 1 gb ddr5 5 x 120 mm fans How much power supply should be good for it??
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    Edifier C3 or Logitech z623 or Some other?

    I want to upgrade my speakers at home from ATP 3 (so i can take them with me to bangalore :D) to either of the above mentioned ones? Please to suggest which one would be better. My family watches too many movies, so suggest accordingly. They will be connected to PC without a sound card.
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    Blu-Ray Player [10k]

    My mom wants to listen to FM for old songs and stuff. I am planning to get a blu-ray player with a FM tuner. I was unable to find one. So is there any solution to such a thing where my mom can listen to FM through TV only without getting too technical? i m in bangalore and she is in delhi. i...
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    Headphones and Earphones (Rs. 3500 Budget)

    I need Earphones and Headphones. For Earphones, i have to decide between Brainwavz M1 and SoundMagic PL50. For Headphones, i am still not sure though. My total Budget (both Headphones and Earphones) is Rs. 3500. Please advice. Headphones are suppose to be a gift and earphones are for myself!
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    Panasonic FZ100 or Canon SX30is

    Please help me in deciding between Panasonic FZ100 or Canon SX30is. I m leaning more towards panasonic mainly due to higher fps. Please advice. Price is almost the same for both.
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    In-Earphones needed. Budget 2k.

    My EP-630 decided to give up on me. So i need a new pair of in-earphones asap. I have no problem going in for ep-630 again but i m thinking if there are other options available too.
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    Laptop for 65k

    Please suggest me some laptops for 65k, preferably dell. Also suggest a PC config for the same amount. Its needed for a friend and she is an architecture student. Please suggest asap. Its urgent.
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    Software Tester for Fresher

    Is the profile of Software Tester for a fresher good? I will be taught Unix and SQL along with testing specific training. I am in Fidelity Marketing Research, India. Please advice.
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    Upgradation Budget dependent on sale

    My current config: *C2D e4600 2.4 ghz *intel dg43gt mobo *4gb ram (2x1gb stix kingston, 2x1gb stix transcend) *samsung 22" full hd tft *seagate 1.5 tb + 250gb + 500gb sata (2096 gb actual) *2 x lg sata dvdram rw *ati radeon saphire 5770 1gb gddr5 *ms keyboard n razer death adder *coolermaster...
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    Monitor Suggestions

    I have compaq 17" monitor (7 years) which is dying on me, will show extreme reds or greens most of the time. So buying a new monitor. So far decided on Samsung p2250, i hav leadtek gts250 gfx card. Is this good enough?
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    LCD TV for 40K

    Need to buy a LCD TV for about 40K, max 45K (if i coax dad). Full HD will be good. as of now i hav zeroed in on Sony - KLV-32V550A/B or Philips - 32PFL5609/98 priced 40K and 47K respectively... i think (only seen on net). I have around a month or 2 before i buy them, so suggest accordingly...
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    Help: Configuring Huawei HG520 wifi for ubuntu

    I recently got my router changed to a wifi router. Its working absolutely fine in Vista, but i m unable to configure wifi for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) on my laptop. Treat me as a complete n00b in linux, and provide me a step by step by guide. I have been searching for the same for 2 days, but i...
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    Mouse and UPS suggestions!

    I need a new mouse, not cordless, PS/2 or USB will do! Max budget: 450 Also i need a new UPS, present 600VA doesnt provide back up for a m,ilisec and just goes of if there's a power cut... so i need an UPS with Power rating greater than 600VA... (I have a PC 350w SMPS, 17" CRT and DSL modem...
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    Ubuntu Booting Problem!

    I had windows XP installed, i then installed Vista.... after that i installed Ubuntu 7.10... on a 19gb partition (/dev/sda7) with 1 gb swap (/dev/sda8). after i restarted the PC, i m still getting the same boot option as i got before installing UBUNTU.... 1)Previous VErsion of Windows...
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    Upgrade Config Question!!

    Intel C2D 6750 - 7900 MSI P35 Neo F - 5800 Seagate 320 GB - 3600 Transcend 2 GB RAM DDR 2 - 2100 i vl also buy the cabinet, budget Rs.20000 +/- 2000 DVD Writer i have!! pour in ur suggestions!!
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    Samsung YP-K3 Review!

    Its a birthday gift from me to me!! Price: 6K Features: FM Tuner, 2GB or 4GB (i have 2 GB) memory, 20 Hrs battery life, Photo viewer, Text Viewer, Customizable Equalizer. Design: Very sleek, front panel is scratch proof and has a glossy look... this makes fornt panel get finger prints...
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    Sennheiser cx 300 or EP-630??

    I want to know the prices of Sennheiser cx 300 and Creative EP-630.... n also suggest which one should i go for.... also tel me some of the shops in delhi, preferably in West Delhi, i will get the geniune products with no worries at all... i mostly buy from Alsun Systems, RR Systems n Purple...
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    5k MP3 Player??

    budget: 5k (+/- 1k) product required: Mp3 player features required: Min 2GB storage, n FM n a 3.5mm jack!! start suggesting!! :D:D n i did read previous threads, but mostly they were for 3k!!
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    Cannon or HP Scanner???

    My budget is max Rs.4000. And i m just a casual user... i have come across these two models... which one to choose??? If any other.. suggest only Cannon or HP...
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    Black and White while changing VS

    Y does winodws go black and white while changing its visual styel, theme, icon etc etc???
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