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  1. jasku

    [Want to Buy] LGA 1155 Motherboard

    Hey guys, Looking for a reasonably prices LGA 1155 motherboard (Z68, B75, H61 chipsets). Please ping me with your offers.
  2. jasku

    [For Sale] Msi 7970

    Guys, I am looking to sell my beloved baby, the MSI 7970 bought from a dealer at E, I have the scanned invoice dated 31/03/2012. The card is in good condition, no OCing at all, just played a few games, want to move to a smaller more efficient form factor. Link to images- 7970 - Album on Imgur...
  3. jasku

    New single monitor of Eyeinfinity setup?

    Hello all, My good old Dell 2408WFP is on its last legs, and I am on the look out for a new display. I was googling around a few of my options are: 1)HP Pavilion 27xi 27-inch Diagonal IPS LED Backlit Monitor 2) Korean 27' which are going for around $400, feel not worth at the price 3) Get a...
  4. jasku

    New Home rig with a max budget of 30k

    Hey guys, Trying to setup a family PC for one of my relatives, they are tight on budget, it would be great if we can have everything within 25k, else they are ok to stretch until 30k. Please see the responses within the template below and suggest a complete rig, also one with a decent...
  5. jasku

    Can partition magic 8 be used with Vista

    Hi guys, just wondering Can partition magic 8 be used with Vista?
  6. jasku

    Drives not opening thro 'My Computer'

    Hello folks, I had this bad virus on winxp+sp2, from pen dirves i think, and then run my anti virus sw and had this file deleted from all my partitions C,D,E,F,G,H. I forgot as which file it deleted, think it had a .cmd extension not sure, anyways after that wenever i try to open any drive...
  7. jasku

    PS3 or Xbox 360

    Guys plannin on buying a console, cant decide which one to go for, allthough I am a tech freak, and the PS3 offers bleeding edge tech, so i m kinda inclined towards it. But I hear the xbox has better multiplayer connectivity and stuff, no idea how it is india?!.basically jus wanna play arcade...
  8. jasku

    ASUS P5W-DH Temperatures

    Hello all, I have ASUS P5W-DH mobo with E6400 processor, anyone having the similar components, can u pls temme wat temps u guys are gettin? I am gettin the foll: Idle Asus Probe : CPU- 40 to 41C Mobo- 49C Core temp: CPU - 50C Load Asus Probe : CPU- 49 to 51C...
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